Adventure in an African restaurant – how did I drink alcohol with zebra semen and followed up with a locust

 Unfortunately, I haven’t been to southern Africa yet. Instead, I had an opportunity to visit a south African restaurant Jabula in Ellesmere Port in England and I must say that I will remember this dinner till the end of my life. Just imagine that during the first dinner with your new bosses from a new work you realize that you’ve just drunk an alcohol with zebra semen…

I went to Ellesmere Port together with two other colleagues for a job training in October 2014. New work, my first serious one. After one week of preliminary training in Poland we were sent for two weeks to England. During the days we were learning how to use the tools we will need at work, the evenings were rather lazy, because Ellesmere Port is not the most interesting place in the world 🙂 One evening we were invited to a dinner by the boss of our bosses (ach, this corporate ladder!). We went to Jabula restaurant, which I strongly recommend to you if you ever happen to be in Ellesmere Port. I tried meat of an ostrich (awesome!), a crocodile (not bad) and a zebra (not very good). Very interesting dining experience.
After dinner, the waiter came and told us that he would like to invite one person from each table to a challenge. He assured that we’ll all have fun. I like having fun, so I didn’t think too long and accepted. Together with two other brave people we got an apron and a small plastic glass. In the glass there was some blue alcohol which looked like curacao.
 At the bottom there was a thin layer of something white… The task was to drink it without using our hands. Easy squeezy, c’mon, I’m Polish!
After we all did it, the waiter announced, that the white layer at the bottom was a layer of zebra semen. Specially processed for consumption, but still it was a semen… of a zebra… If someone took a picture of me in that moment I would look more or less like this:
Shocked cat comes from here
Every time I tell the story to my friends, as soon as they manage to stop laughing they ask “And was it good, huehuehue?”. So I would like to satisfy your curiosity as well – hard to say, because I felt the taste of alcohol 🙂
For a dessert we each got a worm to eat. We could choose from a fly, a locust and a white larva. I got a locust – but after what I heard a minute ago, I didn’t care too much, whatever 🙂 It tasted like dry grass.

Obviously, everybody at my table had great fun – my colleagues, my boss and my bosses’ boss. Great beginning at new work, isn’t it? Luckily all the bosses are quite laid back – I’m sure that there are some gossips around the company about the girl, who drank zebra semen… I’m just worried how could the truth evolve 🙂

One of my colleagues mentioned this situation on her blog as well – you may check it Overhere 🙂

And do you have any exotic dining memories? Or some funny story about the first impression at work? 🙂

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