Weekend in Bergamo. A charming place full of history

Every time I am in a new place, I need time. Time, to believe it’s really happening. For the first hours I feel like I am in a different reality and I ask myself “am I really a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand kilometers from home?!” 🙂

The same thing happened in Bergamo but this time not only because it was a new place. Thanks to all the old buildings and charming streets I felt like I travelled in time to Middle Ages.

Flights from Poland for a weekend to Bergamo are cheap. You feel almost overwhelmed by the number of interesting places in the surrounding and you can’t choose!

If you want to spend time in the cities, don’t go to Milan directly. Spend at least a day in charming Bergamo.

What do do for a weekend in Bergamo?

Bergamo has a lot to offer – some say it is one of 8 must-visit destinations in Europe. Its history is outstandingly long, the first signs of settlement on the territory of today’s Citta Alta date back to XII century before Christ.

Bergamo  consists of three parts. Citta Bassa – the lowest, modern part of the town, Citta Alta – old town. And San Vigilio – the highest part from which we can see a panoramic view on the rest of Bergamo.

Light rail lines called funicolare connect these three parts. Remember that a ticket for Citta Bassa-Citta Alta train is also valid for  Citta Alta-San Vigilio part. If it hadn’t been for a nice old Italian man who told us this using a mixture of Italian-English-gesture language, we would have paid twice. 🙂

Citta Bassa isn’t very interesting, it’s a modern town where people live their everyday lives. It’s the ride up to Citta Alta that takes you back to Middle Ages!

Narrow cobbled streets, old buildings illuminated with yellow light (ok, they probably didn’t have that in the Middle Ages :)). Almost no traffic. Lovely. The only disadvantage is a crowd of tourists, even outside of the season!

Weekend in Bergamo: The view on Citta Bassa (Lower Town) from the rail to Citta Alta (Old Town)


Weekend in Bergamo: Citta Alta


Weekend in Bergamo: Piazza Vecchia


Weekend in Bergamo: Citta Alta

Bergamo doesn’t lose its charm during the day! Don’t miss the highest part of the town– San Vigilio. The view on Citta Alta from there is amazing! Isn’t it? 🙂

Weekend in Bergamo: a view over Citta Alta from San Vigilio


Weekend in Bergamo: a view over Citta Alta from San Vigilio
Walk around this part using a panoramic trail. It is beautiful, calm, clean and charming! 🙂
Weekend in Bergamo: San Vigilio


Weekend in Bergamo: San Vigilio
At the end of our stay in Bergamo we spent more time around Piazza Vecchia.
Weekend in Bergamo: Piazza Vecchia
We drank a strong-as-hell coffee in one of numerous coffee places. And then to finish up our weekend in Bergamo we went to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore located nearby. It’s beautiful from the outside already, but the inside!!!
Honestly, the inside of this church is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. You just have to see it. This ceiling…
Weekend in Bergamo: The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore


Weekend in Bergamo: ceiling in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

It is worth visiting the charming town of Bergamo. One full day should be enough to see it with no rush. But what to do during the rest of your stay in the surrounding? You can go to Milan – but I do recommend you to go hiking!

You can get to Lecco by Como lake from Bergamo by train, it takes 40 minutes. And from thereyou can hike a demanding trail to Monte Resegone (1875 m, 6152 feet) or an easier trail to Monte Barro, (922 m, 3025 feet).

It doesn’t matter where you go. Lombardy will enchant you. And when you get to Bergamo, you will need time to believe it’s really happening.  To believe it’s so easy to travel in time to Middle Ages.


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Anyways, safe travels! Enjoy! 🙂


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