Visiting Alsace. What to do during one day in Strasbourg?

Alsace is a region which for me was connected only with history lessons and many dates described as “Alsace taken by Germany” or “Alsace returned to France”. It turned out though that Alsace and its capital, Strasbourg are very interesting, enchanting places.

Last summer I went there to visit my friend, who also became my guide. I got to know more about the region itself (even though my guide is not very keen on history and I had to read things myself), I tasted local cuisine (my guide’s mum did an awesome job!) and local wine (finally something the guide was good at!).

Now let me tell you what to do during a daytrip to Strasbourg, the capital of the region.

What to do during one day in Strasbourg?

one day in strasburg

1. Cathedral od Our Lady of Strasbourg (Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg)

The cathedral’s architecture is influenced by both, French and German culture and style, they say 🙂 To me, it was an impressive building and I felt tiny standing next to it.

One day in Strasbourg: Strasbourg Cathedral


One day in Strasbourg: inside of Strasbourg Cathedral

The interior is not breathtaking, but there is an interesting renaissance astronomical clock, a technological masterpiece of these times. It’s 18 meters high, which makes it one of the biggest in the world.

One day in Strasbourg: astronomical clock in Strasbourg Cathedral


One day in Strasbourg: astronomical clock in Strasbourg Cathedral

2. Cathedral’s viewing platform

It’s worth climbing 330 steps, get on cathedral’s viewing platform and have a look on Strasbourg from the top. Do you also think that these little windows on the roofs look a bit… disturbing?

One day in Strasbourg: Strasbourg Cathedral’s viewing platform

 3. Little France (La Petite France)

From the Cathedral we walked along river Ill towards a famous district called Petite France (Little France). Its name doesn’t come from its architecture or a particularly high level of patriotism of the inhabitants. It’s connected to a hospital located in the district in XVth century. It cured people with syphilis – so called “French disease”… 🙂

Despite this inglorious history, the district looks enchanting!

One day in Strasbourg: La Petite France
One day in Strasbourg: La Petite France
One day in Strasbourg: La Petite France

Petite France is a perfect place to rest in one of numerous small restaurants and enjoy a glass of Riesling – white wine produced in Alsace.

One day in Strasbourg: A glass of Riesling in Little France

4. Park L’Orangerie

From Little France we took a tram to go to a park called l’Orangerie. The park itself is beautiful, but the best thing about it are the storks! When I heard before that a stork is a symbol of Alsace I thought “yeah, what can you, French people know about storks. It’s a Polish symbol after all”.
I have to admit it now. I was wrong.
During my whole life in Poland I haven’t seen so many storks as during these four days in Alsace! And in the Parc de l’Orangerie there was mass of them!
One day in Strasbourg: L’Orangerie


One day in Strasbourg: L’Orangerie


One day in Strasbourg: L’Orangerie


One day in Strasbourg: L’Orangerie

In l’Orangerie we spent quite some time – my friend was resting and pitifully watching me chase the storks with my camera 🙂 It’s a beautiful park and I think it’s worth visiting for the storks and not only. If you are there with kids, they will love it. I did!


 5. European Parliament

L’Orangerie is located close to the European Parliament so we passed the building on our way back. Even though Strasbourg is officially the parliament’s headquarters, most of the proceedings take place in Brussels.
One day in Strasbourg: European Parliament
One day in Strasbourg: European Parliament

6. Light show on the Notre Dame Cathedral’s walls

 We planned to stay in Strasbourg till late evening due to light shows taking place on the cathedral in summer time. We came back to the center and went to a cute restaurant in front of the cathedral. Still impressed with what I saw in the park, I chose a place called La Cigogne – a stork 🙂

Watching the cathedral we ate French pancakes and drank Kronenbourg, a beer coming from Alsace. Waiting for the show couldn’t be better 🙂

The show itself is  organized every summer from July till September. It’s displayed on the side wall of the Cathedral at Castle Square (Place Du Chateau) few times every evening. The front  facade is also illuminated from the first show to the last. Exact time of the shows varies depending on a month. When I was there the first one was around 22:30.

The show itself is amazing! In 2015 they were celebrating the Cathedral’s millennium, so they made it even more spectacular. I would gladly see it again. And then again, and again:)

One day in Strasbourg: Light show on Notre Dame Cathedral
One day in Strasbourg: Light show on Notre Dame Cathedral
One day in Strasbourg: Light show on Notre Dame Cathedral
One day in Strasbourg: Front fascade illumination, Notre Dame Cathedral

One day in Strasbourg is definitely not enough to see everything worth seeing. But I had enough time to feel enchanted 🙂 Usually I advise visiting the cities out of the highest touristic season.  With Strasbourg I would say the contrary. I think it’s worth to go there in July, August or September, not to lose the light show on the Cathedral. There’s not too many tourists and it would be a big loss not to see it.

While in Alsace, don’t miss cute little towns surrounded by vineyards. I fell in love with Kaysersberg, I didn’t want to leave it! You can also hike in Alsace. No, not in the Alps! 🙂 Check this stunning hike around three lakes in the Vosges.

 one day in strasbourg

Now, book your accomodation in Strasbourg!

 Thanks for reading my article. I hope I encouraged you to see this amazing city! Now it’s time to book your accomodation in Strasbourg.

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Anyways, safe travels! Enjoy! 🙂


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