Looking for winter on Skrzyczne – beginning of the New Year up in the mountains

To have a good beginning of 2016 together with Joanna and Bartosz from overhere.eu we decided to look for winter in Polish mountains. Until now we had quite spring-like weather here in Poland. We chose Szczyrk as our destination from where we could climb Skrzyczne mountain, 1257 meters high. It’s the highest peak in Silesian Beskid, so it seemed to be a good point to start our research 🙂
We set off from Szczyrk, it was quite freezing in the morning. Temperature real feel was somewhere around minus eight thousand for me. In reality it was around minus 10 degrees Celcius. The town wasn’t snowy, but the weather was cold enough to cover it with frost.
Szczyrk. On our way to Skrzyczne
We took a green trail up the mountain. Believe me, it was very easy to warm up quickly and forget about all freezing cold. I immediately praised myself for not taking my superwarm skiing jacket, it would be highly possible to  end up boiling myself alive 🙂 Sun started appearing as well and we could admire the views:
From Szczyrk to Skrzyczyne: green trail


From Szczyrk to Skrzyczyne: green trail


From Szczyrk to Skrzyczyne: green trail
We found a log covered with „fur” – a sign of winter!
From Szczyrk to Skrzyczyne: on the green trail
From Szczyrk to Skrzyczyne: on the green trail
From Szczyrk to Skrzyczyne: on the green trail
Eventually we reached the place where we could feel real winter – with artificial snow but nevermind, it’s the atmosphere that matters 🙂 Skrzyczne is being prepared for skiing season, artificial snow machines were working on their full speed. Skrzyczne ski resort consists of 12 km of ski slopes. It’s nothing impressive in international standards, but a company from Slovakia has recently taken care of rebuilding Polish ski resorts and there is a big chance for quick development. Let’s wait a bit more and who knows, maybe Austrians, Italians and French will come here to ski, not the other way around… 🙂
Ski slope on Skrzyczne


Ski lift on Skrzyczne
We reached the summit and we could admire this view:
A view from top of Skrzyczne
Mountains hut on Skrzyczne
There were some people who weren’t trying to find winter. On the contrary, they were preparing for quite a summer sport for me… I would turn into a piece of ice after five minutes with this temperature up in the air 🙂 But I am jealous anyway – I will for sure do paragliding again one day. I flew once in my life and it just made me want more 🙂
Paragliders on Skrzyczne

While going down we took a red trail to Buczkowice, just to change the way a bit. Whole trip with resting and a longer warm-up in the hut took us around 5,5 hours (I didn’t check the exact time unfortunately). Our way looks like this on a map – we left our car in the middle between the starting and finishing point 🙂

It was great to begin the New Year from such a refreshing walk. May 2016 give everyone as much positive energy as this walk gave me 🙂 I wish that to all of you.

And how did you begin this new year? Let me know 🙂

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    August 18, 2016

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