10 reasons why travelling makes you a better person.

Have you also noticed that each and every trip makes you richer? Not financially, because the wallet rather tends to be empty after travelling. But it makes your personality richer. Travelling helps you develop and broadens your horizons. Travelling changes people – in the good way. Why?

10 reasons why travelling makes you a better person.


1. You become more self-confident.

You are travelling and got lost in an unknown city or in the middle of nowhere up in the mountains? You lost your luggage? A person who was supposed to host you refused in the last moment? Your plane is late and you may not catch your next flight? You lost your migration card? It’s impossible to avoid such difficult, surprising situations while travelling. You have to deal with them, and you have to do it immediately, there’s no other choice. And if you managed to deal with them, what else can scare you? 🙂


2. You will accept changes more easily

There’s no routine when you are travelling. Everything is new, unknown, changing. You can often encounter a situation which will make you change your plans completely – and it often turns out to be positive. You start to believe that everything happens for a reason and it will be easier for you to accept the changes that life brings you.


3. You will learn to like being out of your comfort zone

Everyone has his comfort zone. In our own flat, city, among people we know, in the situations which can’t surprise us. We feel safe in it. The world out of it seems scary, frightening, full of dangers and monsters under the bed. After some time you realize that it’s not so scary after all and the monsters turn out to be friendly, if you stop being afraid of them. Eventually you will start looking for opportunities to exit your comfort zone and face the next challenge.

4. You become more tolerant, develop a better understanding of other cultures.

Russian people drink a lot, Turkish people stink, Black people are lazy, Arabs are terrorists, Polish people steal. Don’t they? Everyone knows that. And then you meet Russian teetotallers, nice smelling Turks, hard-working Blacks, very nice Arabs and honest Poles and you realize that something is wrong here. You stop judging people by what you’ve heard about their nations before. You start treating everybody individually. You try to get to know his culture, customs and individual background. With no prejudice.

5. Your curiosity about the world grows stronger

Let’s not fool ourselves – once you start, you can’t stop. The more you see and learn, the more you realize that there’s so much more to learn and see. And a curious person is an interesting person.

6. You will improve your foreign languages skills… or you will learn to communicate with your hands!

Do you speak English? Govorish po russki? Parlez-vous francais? No? Watch my mouth then – WHERE. IS. TRAIN. STATION. TRAIN. POCIĄG. POYEZD. TRENO. COMBOIO. CIUF CIUUUF…

7. Your chances of finding a good job improve.

I’m not kidding. The fact that you travel a lot gives your potential employer a sign that you are open for challenges, quickly adjust to new situations, you don’t have any issues with cross-cultural communication or speaking foreign languages. It shows that you want to develop. Look at it from the employer’s point of view – such an employee will be a very valuable asset, he will bring some new ideas and new, different perspective to the company.

8. You learn to manage your money better.

Have you noticed that people whose hobby is travelling seem to always have money for this purpose? Despite some gossips about big inheritance, dad’s golden credit cards or tax frauds, that’s not it. These money usually come from good budget management.

9. You will gain new friends all around the world.

There’s not too many things which would be better than knowing that on the other side of the country, continent or the globe there is your “second home”, where you are always welcome.

10. You will have amazing stories to share with people you know (or don’t know), with your parents, children and grandchildren!

– Grandma, grandma, will you tell me a story before sleeping?
– Long time ago, far far away, when your grandma was crossing Patagonian mountains with her backpack… 🙂

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