What’s happening backstage at Born Globals? Reflections after the Third Polish Travel Bloggers’ meeting in Cieszyn

You might have noticed that it’s been quiet here for the last month. “She wasn’t enthusiastic enough”, “Oh well, that was just another pseudo-blogger who gets bored after a few months” – you might have thought that. But you were wrong! 🙂

This silence doesn’t mean that nothing is happening at all. On the contrary, there’s a lot going on backstage!!

In the middle of April I took part in the Third Polish Travel Bloggers’ meeting in Cieszyn, Poland. This meeting made me realize that being a blogger doesn’t mean just writing a text when an idea appears in my head. It’s not just posting random information and photos in social media. Professional blogging is like running a business. It requires to choose your specialty (a narrow one, “travelling” is too broad!), to think of your target group, to define a vision, to create a plan. It’s necessary to set goals and find a path to reach them. It would be good to have a visual identity of the blog, to engage in personal branding, come up with interesting projects. What’s more, I should become a good photographer, graphic, SEO expert, a director – and most importantly create engaging and interesting content for the blog. Ach, and don’t forget about travelling itself. And working in order to earn money for all these travels.


Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it? And it is a huge one indeed. But this challenge makes me excited and inspired like hell! I have never imagined that sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen in my hand could make me so happy. But what comes into being on this piece of paper is The Vision. My vision of what I want to achieve and how.

That’s why Born Globals became silent for now. Because this melting pot of inspirations and ideas in my head needs to become a harmonious whole. Unfortunately my master thesis was consuming a lot of the precious time which I could have spent on it. But I am almost done with my studies now and I will be able to start turning the chaos in my head into an interesting and meaningful project!

It’s been a long time since my energy got boosted so high as during the Third Polish Travel Bloggers’ Meeting. I would like to thank Kamila from Kami and the Rest of the World and Hanna from Hanna travels – for an amazing organization of the event. A big thank you to all participants for all the talks, ideas and inspirations. Thank you, guys from 3 Bros’ Hostel for hosting us and all this mess.
You are the best. 🙂

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