What To Do In Valley Of Fire (Even If You Hate Heat)?

Valley of Fire. You are in the middle of a desert. You feel like you are in a huge oven. Sweat runs down your forehead, you inhale the heavy air, your lips are burning. You run out of water faster than ever before. There’s nowhere to hide from the sun, the real feel temperature reaches 50C (122F). The views are amazing and you know the further you go the better they will get. But you start wondering if you can make it to the end of the trail.

And you’re hiking for 10 minutes only.

valley of fire nevada what to do

Valley of Fire is a state park in Nevada located around 100 km (60 mi) from Las Vegas on Mojave desert and it is one of the spots to see if you want to have fun off the Las Vegas Strip or you are visiting Las Vegas area with kids. We stopped there on our way from Utah. An amazing place but simultaneously, the hottest I have ever been to. I felt warmer only in a sauna…

What to do in Valley of Fire?

Fire Wave

In Valley of Fire we decided to hike to the Fire Wave. It’s a rock where red, orange and white colors mix in stripes and create a surreal wave.

valley of fire nevada what to do

Technically it’s an easy hike, less than 1,5 mile on a flat terrain with beautiful views. The only obstacle is temperature. Despite the fact that I had all kinds of nasty thoughts about the sun during the hike, I’m glad I did it. The views are spectacular.

valley of fire nevada what to do

valley of fire nevada what to do

valley of fire nevada what to do

The trail starts at parking lot 3 along Mouse’s Tank Road. After coming back to the air-conditioned car I couldn’t get back to normal for 15 minutes after the extreme temperature. But it was worth it!

valley of fire nevada what to do

Atlatl Rock

It’s great that you can reach another point of interest – Atlatl Rock by car… 🙂 I recommend it to you if you don’t like the heat. On Atlatl Rock you can see ancient petroglyphs – drawings carved in stone made by Ancestral Puebloans – Indians who lived on these terrains over 2000 years ago. Atlatl Rock is located 5 minutes from Valley of Fire Visitors Center by car.

valley of fire nevada what to do

valley of fire nevada what to do

Many more attractions are located in Valley of Fire. We haven’t seen them tired by temperature and the trip but you can also see Elephant Rock – a rock shaped like an elephant… 🙂 You can also reach it by car, the hike is only 0.3 mi

There is also an amazing White Domes trail. I regret now that we didn’t do it. It crosses a short slot canyon a bit similar to Antelope Canyon. And the trail is only 1 mile long.

When you prepare for a hike in Valley of Fire take a lot of water. You will drink a lot and also it’s good to wet your hat or even your hair to feel a bit cooler. Do not forget a hat or a cap and use sunscreen.

If it’s going to be your very first hike check how to prepare for your first time in the mountains. These tips will be helpful.

valley of fire nevada what to do

Unfortunately because it’s a state park and not a national park, annual pass doesn’t work and in order to enter the park you have to pay 10$ per car.

If you really hate the heat and you want to see as much as possible without even leaving your car, drive along Mouse’s Tank Road. It’s just amazing!

Remember the easiest and often only way to move around the National and State Parks in the USA is to have a car. If you still need to book yours, click the button below to see the prices 🙂

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If you look for an idea where to run away from crowded Las Vegas, go to Valley of Fire. Prepare you will feel like you are in a huge oven. But you will love the views. And at the end of the day after a cold shower you will be happy and proud that you made it.

Don’t miss breathtaking national parks fairly close to Las Vegas. Check the most beautiful viewpoint in the Grand Canyon, unique trail in the river – The Narrows in Zion and let the magic of Bryce Canyon enchant you.

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valley of fire nevada what to do

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