17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland

najpiękniejsze szlaki w polskich górach

– Where to go hiking in the Polish mountains? What are the most beautiful hikes in Poland? – my friend asked me recently. – I would like to go hiking for the first time in many years and I don’t want to be disappointed.

I turned pale and my hands got sweaty. It’s a big responsibility – not to discourage someone to hiking with my advice. And even better to make this person catch the hiking bug. But no matter how long I thought, I couldn’t come up with one answer to this question. How can I choose the most beautiful trail in the Polish mountains if all of them are stunning? 🙂

It’s even worse among my international friends. Some told me that before coming here they were wondering – does Poland have mountains at all?

Well. It certainly does 🙂 and I asked Polish travel bloggers for their hiking in Poland advice.

Each of them chose and described one, favorite trail for trekking in Poland. Now you can inspire yourself with best mountain quotes and the below list, pack your backpack and set off! 🙂

Polish mountains: The most beautiful hikes in Poland

1. Tatra mountains: Grześ – Rakoń – Wołowiec

Maria Magdalena – Okiem Maleny

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland okiemmaleny P7083695 1
Great hikes in Poland

The hike is almost 26 km long but it gives you the best views of Tatra mountains – hiking is a pleasure! To climb all three peaks you need to leave home early in the morning (around 6 AM). A good idea would be to catch the first “tractor” – a little train which will give you a ride from the parking in Chochołowska Valley to Hucisko Meadow. This allows you to save 3,5 km of quite a boring hike in the forest.

From Hucisko Meadow to Chochołowska Valley you walk along an interesting and enchanting trail along a stream, meadows with little huts and grazing sheep.

The first part of the trail to Grześ goes in the forest and it is quite steep. The picturesque part starts after going out of the forest. Grześ is 1653 m high and it takes you around 1,5h from mountain hut on Chochołowska Meadow.

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland okiemmaleny P7083718 1

Hiking Rakoń takes around 1h and you walk along a wide ridge. Rakoń is 1879 m high. From there you have two options – either you climb Wołowiec (2064 m high) or you end your hike on Zawracie Pass and you go back to Chochołowska Meadow.

The hike down isn’t difficult – but during rain the rocky trail gets very slippery. The last kilometers of the hike in the forest seem to be extremely long.

After your hiking along this trail, make sure to order an apple pie with blueberry syrup in the mountain hut.

The hike is almost 26 km long. It is an amazing trail for beginners in the Tatras. Very picturesque, not too difficult with no chains and very steep ascents. You need around 9h for it. Long but definitely one of the best hikes in Poland!

If you plan to hike in Tatra mountains, Poland, it’s best to stay in the town of Zakopane. Check the below cozy option in a great location for an affordable price 🙂

2. Tatra mountains: Granaty and Buczynowe Turnie

Marta – Zwiedzając Świat

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland zwiedzajacswiat 1
Beautiful hikes in Poland

Emotions and breathtaking mountain panoramas. During the hike to Granaty and Buczynowe Turnie – in our opinion the most picturesque part of Orla Perć (Eagle’s Path) – you will get both.

Yes, this part of the red trail is demanding especially with bad weather conditions. Tatra mountains, Poland can be demanding. The whole Eagle’s Path is for those who like rocky ridges, who are not afraid of exposure and are absolutely fine with chains and ladders. But it’s also the easiest part of the path and the best one to start your adventure with it.

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland zwiedzajacswiat RAW3677z
Exciting hikes in Poland

You can start your hike to Granaty and Buczynowe Turnie from Kuźnice. Through Boczań and Przełęcz między Kopami you will reach Murowaniec mountain hut. Then you hike up to Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy (Black Pond Gąsienicowy) from where you need three hours to reach Zmarzły Staw (Frozen Pond) with a view at famous Zawrat Pass.

Then through Żleb Kulczyńskiego you will get to Zadni Granat (the Back Granat). From there we reach the main red trail which leads through Zadni, Pośredni, Skrajny Granat (Back, Middle, Extreme Granat) and Buczynowe Turnie to Krzyżne Pass. If you want to make a circle you can come back to Kuźnice via Dolina Pańszczycy, Murowaniec and Boczań.

From Krzyżne you can also go down to the Five Ponds Valley and reach the parking in Palenica Białczańska.

The whole trail is 21 km long and the time needed for the hike is around 12h.

12h of unforgettable adventure and stunning views while hiking in Poland.

If you plan to hike in Tatra mountains, Poland, it’s best to stay in the town of Zakopane. Check out the below rooms and apartments in a beautiful Tatra-style wooden house 🙂

3. Tatras: Mięguszowicka Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem

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Beautiful hikes in Poland

The trail from Palenica Białczańska via Morskie Oko, Czarny Staw pod Rysami to Mięguszowicka Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem (it’s tough to remember, I know 😉 ) is a trail for experienced hikers. It is demanding, it has a lot of exposure. Definitely it is one of the most difficult hikes in Poland. There are parts when you need to use your hands.

It is a long trail with a lot of elevation gain, and you need to walk the same way there and back.

But. If you do have experience, you are fit, not scared of exposure and the weather forecast is promising – you HAVE TO go to Mięguszowicka Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem. It is one of the most picturesque hikes in Poland I have ever tried!

On the way you will have a view over two famous ponds (Morskie Oko and Czarny Staw pod Rysami) and dramatic, rocky Polish and Slovak peaks. Also, the trail is pretty empty – contrary to a similar in difficulty but literally jammed trail to Rysy 🙂

The trail is 23 kilometers long with 1700 meters of elevation. You need around 11-12 hours to make it.

4. Tatra mountains: Gąsienicowa Coomb through Boczań

Szymon – Za miedzą i dalej

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland zamiedzaidalej3 1
Scenic hikes in Poland

The trail to Gąsienicowa Coomb through Boczań was my first longer trail in Polish Tatras. Beautiful, with many stunning views. Poland, nature, mountains at their best, they say… I had to check it myself!

I start the hike in Kuźnice.

The first part of the trail is a rocky path slightly uphill. We follow green and blue trail. At some point green trail turns and goes towards Nosal, we turn right. No views for now. After around 40 minutes of walking we reach Boczań (1224 m), you can find the first “window” there and see nice views in between the trees.

But the true panoramas start 20 minutes later on Skupniów Upłaz – the forest ends, the trail gets gravelly and we see hills covered with trees and the town of Zakopane. After some time we also see Jaworzynki Valley and Giewont.

Then we reach Przełęcz między Kopami. We have only 30 minutes left to Gąsienicowa Coomb – the most beautiful place on the trail. It’s hard to describe it with words, just look at the picture!

If you feel like, you can continue 30 minutes further to Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy. Stunning too!

Distance: 9,5 km according to the map, 12,5 km according to Endomondo

Time: 2 h up, 1h35 minutes down

Difficulty: 3/10, even kids should manage. But take your hiking boots – it’s rocky out there. It’s among the easiest and most spectacular hiking trails in Poland.

[Dorota] A part of two above described trails – from Kuźnice to Gąsienicowa Coomb and Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy (Black Pond Gąsienicowy) you can also see in my photo gallery from two days trip in the Tatras.

Do you want to hike this trail? Check the above mentioned accommodation options (Willa Mountain Centrum and Apartamenty Tomusik) or look for another accommodation in Zakopane and around 🙂

5. Silesian Beskids: from Salmopol to Skrzyczne

Joanna – places2visit.pl

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Easy hikes in Poland

Looking for best hikes in Poland? The trail from Salmopol to Skrzyczne is one of the most picturesque trails in Silesian Beskids. It goes from Salmopol Pass through Malinowska Skała to the mountain hut on Skrzyczne. Then you need to go back the same way.

It’s enough to climb Malinowska Skała to have stunning views at Kotlina Żywiecka, Babia Góra, Pilsko and on a clear day even Mala and Velka Fatra in Slovakia. When you reach the mountain hut it’s time to rest and admire the viewpoints (there’s even a special terrace near the hut). After all, Skrzyczne is the highest peak in Silesian Beskids. It’s quite distinctive due to a 87 meters high RTV transmitter located next to the top.

It’s 15 km so it’s not a short hike. According to the signs on the trail it’s 6 hours, the map shows 5 hours but if you hike with kids it will take you longer. It can easily be a whole day trip.

The trail isn’t difficult but it is long. Our 5 year-old son hiked all the way up on his own at the beginning of April when there was still snow on the trail. So kids will manage too but maybe not for the first trip. That’s why we recommend it to admire views and Malinowska Skała is a great place to watch the sunrise.

[Dorota] On the blog you can also read about my New Year’s hike to Skrzyczne from Szczyrk 🙂

If you choose Szczyrk, stay in Apartamenty Parkowe. It’s in a great location in the town center, perfect comfort and tasty breakfast. Sauna and SPA are included 🙂

6. Żywiec Beskids: Diablak (Babia Góra)

Kasia – Obserwatorium podróży

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland obserwatoriumpodrozy1 1

For me, it’s one of the most interesting hikes in Poland. Hikers come here for stunning sunrises, to celebrate Women’s Day or to try themselves on a short via ferrata like trail (marked yellow).

The highest peak of the Beskids is called Babia Góra (Old Wives/Witches mountain). There are many theories connected to the mountain’s name. The most common is that like a woman, it changes a lot. Around Babia Góra the weather can change dramatically so while planning the hike, check the forecasts carefully.

Start and end: Krowiarki Pass (it’s best to come here by car, it’s difficult by public transportation).

Red trail up: the trail isn’t difficult technically but we go uphill all the time for 2,5h – the hike requires good physical shape. The less sporty need to take more time and breaks. However, you are rewarded for your effort with outstanding viewpoints, a true feast for your eyes and soul.

If you’re a more experienced hiker you ascent by yellow, one-way trail with chains – Perć Akademicka.

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland obserwatorium20170815 135246 1

Going down: Getting from Diablak to Markowe Szczawiny mountain hut takes around 1h15 minutes. At first it is steep but later on the descent is easier with a few steep parts.

Blue trail from Markowe Szczawiny to Krowiarki Pass: the trail is easy, almost flat all the way. You can take a baby stroller there. Going back to the parking this way is a great way to relax after a long descent. Time needed for this walk in the forest is around 2h. The trail is easy and very pleasant.

Time of the hike: around 5,5-6h not counting the breaks. You can count 8h with a break in the mountain hut, on top and on the way.

Hiking Babia Góra requires a good physical shape but even if you’re not the most sporty person on the planet, it doesn’t mean you won’t make it. You will need more time.

IMPORTANT: The weather changes dramatically on Babia Góra and it can get dangerous. Remember about it while planning your hike.

[Dorota] That’s so true, I experienced these changes myself – Babia Góra gave me a good respect lesson!

If you want to hike Babia Góra, look for accommodation in Zawoja – the longest village in Poland 🙂 I found a place where hosts will make you feel like home – and it’s called “The World of Happiness” (Kraina Szczęśliwości). Can it get any better? 🙂

7. Żywiec Beskids: Main trail of Beskid Orawsko-Podhalański

Agnieszka – Zależna w podróży

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland Beskid Orawsko Podhalański pozorniezalezna2 1
Beautiful hikes in Poland

Are you planning a walking holidays in Poland? Check the main trail of Beskid Orawsko-Podhalański. But what is it exactly?

Few people heard about Beskid Orawsko-Podhalański. This little mountain range is the most eastern part of Żywiec Beskids. We can say it borders with Zakopianka – a road towards Zakopane and the Tatras.

I recommend you the blue trail along the main massif of B O-P. You can start it on Zakopianka near Klikuszowa village (also called Przełęcz Sieniawska / Sieniawska Pass). We will end the hike 19 km further on Przełęcz Spytkowicka (Spytkowicka Pass, also called Przełęcz Bory). On the way we will climb Żelaźnica (913 m) and pass the top station of a cable car Beskid in Spytkowice.

From the trail which goes along the highest hills in the area you can admire a beautiful view at Harkabuz and Podsarnie villages. In the distance you will see majestic massif of Babia Góra and sometimes – the Tatras.

When I lived in Podhale for one year and a half I hiked this trail a couple of times in different seasons. I love that it’s easy, perfectly accessible from the road and very picturesque. Astonishing meadows seem to wave slightly under my feet and because it is an unknown trail, I only meet two or three people – mostly locals walking their dogs. If you drive, park your car on Spytkowicka Pass, walk only to Żelaźnica and go back the same way. You won’t regret it! It really is an amazing and easy walk (kids and elderly people are more than welcome :))

Distance: 19 km

Time: 5,5h

On my blog you can read more about my favorite walks in Podhale (Polish only)

Do you want to hike this trail? Look for accommodation in the area:

If you plan a trip to Polish mountains, especially the Tatras, Beskid Śląski or Żywiecki – you will be close to Oświęcim. Remember that there is a memorable place too which shouldn’t be missed. A trip there is sad. But it is also extremely valuable. Read more:

Visiting Auschwitz. What is it like to see a Nazi concentration camp?

8. Beskid Żywiecki: Wielka Rycerzowa from Soblówka

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland DSC 0098 1
Great hikes in Poland

Wielka Rycerzowa is a perfect mountain for people looking for an easy, short but lovely trail. Rycerzowa is 1226 meters high and if you start the hike from Soblówka, you’ll need to do 667 meters of elevation. Most of the trail leads through the forest. It gives you short opportunities to see the views over the other peaks of Beskid Żywiecki. It is steep at times but it is worth the effort.

Once you reach Mała Rycerzowa, you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding views at other mountains and mountain ranges. After getting to the top, go to the mountain hut to rest and refresh yourself. During early autumn they serve pancakes with blueberries – yummy! 🙂

The trail is perfect if you’re looking for something short and fairly easy, if you’re just starting your mountain adventure or if you want to show the beauty of hiking to your child. Perfect introduction to Poland, trekking, spending time in the nature.

Distance: 11,5 km and approximate time: 4 hours

If you plan to choose this trail, it’s best to stay in the town of Rajcza. Check the below option 🙂

9. Beskid Sądecki: a trail from Rytro to Makowica

Kuba – Sądecki Włóczykij

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland sadeckiwloczykij makowica3 1
Easy hikes in Poland

If you’re looking for hikes in Poland in the lesser known regions, this one will be perfect!

Makowica is the first significant mountain in Pasmo Jaworzyny Krynickiej of Beskid Sądecki, located south from Nowy Sącz. It is only 948 meters high which makes it tricky. At the base of the mountain you can find a village called Rytro – a great starting point for your hikes in Beskid Sądecki.

My suggestion is to hike Makowica from Rytro through a small village of Życzanów (also called Rzeczanów) which you can reach by an asphalt road. Then we find a blue trail coming from Wola Krogulecka which we follow to the top. The trail is steep and goes along dirt roads first and then it turns into a narrow path.

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland sadeckiwloczykij makowica1 1
Peaceful hikes in Poland

You won’t see any views from top of the mountain because it’s covered with trees but right beyond it you can lie down on open meadows and admire the other half of Beskid Sądecki, Island Beskids and even Gorce. Go down from Makowica along the red trail (a part of Main Beskid Trail) back to Rytro. If you need to rest on the way you can stop in Cyrla mountain hut.

The last part of the trail is a steep descent along a winding forest path. It’s easy to get lost there so pay attention. Makowica is a mountain which will be remembered by every fan of the Beskids. It will make you tired with big elevation gain – and it will reward you with outstanding views.

Distance: 13,6 km (the website mapa-turystyczna.pl doesn’t allow to plan parts of the hike along asphalt roads, hence the difference)

Time: 5h

Elevation: 1220 m

Difficulty: for experienced hikers or in average physical shape. Not for families with little kids.

Do you want to hike this trail? In this case, stay in Rytro in Zajazd pod Zamkiem. You will spend your time comfortably here and the trail will be right outside your door 🙂

10. Beskid Sądecki: Radziejowa from Jaworki

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland DSC 0781 1
Beautiful hikes in Poland

Radziejowa is the highest peak of Beskid Sądecki. A beautiful trails starts in the village of Jaworki. You can also start the hike to Wysoka in Little Pieniny (described below) from here so it’s a great place to stay for a weekend.

After the first kilometers of the hike you’ll already be able to see outstanding views. They reminded me of Italian Tuscany. A winding road, sheep and rocky peaks of the Tatras visible in the background. You’ll be able to see the Tatras most of the way.

The trail is not difficult but long. After reaching the peak of Radziejowa I recommend you to go towards mountain hut Przechyba and go down to Szczawnica. You can take a local mini bus from Szczawnica to Jaworki during the day – and in case you are late, there are always taxis and it’s a short way which shouldn’t be expensive.

If you start in Jaworki and end in Szczawnica, your hike will be 23 km long and will take over 7 hours. The hike is not technically difficult but you need to be fit enough to manage the distance.

If you want to make it shorter, go down the same way from Radziejowa to Jaworki. Then, it will be around 20 km.

Jaworki is a great starting point of many beautiful hikes in the area. Stay in Pokoje u Sabiny (Rooms at Sabina’s) where for an affordable price you’ll spoil yourself with more comfort than you need 🙂

11. Pieniny: Wysoka

Daria – Poboczem Drogi

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland poboczemdrogi małe pieniny 1
Scenic hikes in Poland

One of my favorite mountain ranges in Poland are Little Pieniny. They are located outside of Pieniny National Perk, far from the most popular and crowded trails. Thanks to that it’s easy to walk here in the company of your thoughts and outstanding views only. You can be alone with the mountains here all year long.

My favorite part is the eastern part of Little Pieniny. The trail starts in Homole Gorge near Jaworki from where it goes to Wysoka (1050 m), the highest peak of Pieniny. From the viewing platform of top you can see a fantastic panorama of the Tatras, Pieniny and Radziejowa range. We go down from Wysoka and follow the blue trail along Polish-Slovakian border through Smerekowa, steep wall of Watrisko to Rozdziela Pass. It’s a border of Little Pieniny and Beskid Sądecki.

I love these views: immense coombs, grazing sheep and thrushes flying over the meadows. Particularly beautiful place is Biała Woda (White Water) sanctuary at the end of our hike with interesting rock formations and fanciful stream going down the rock steps creating little waterfalls. We end our hike in Jaworki.

Distance: 13,5 km

Time: around 4h30

Difficulty: the trail is easy technically but long. A steep ascent to Wysoka requires good physical shape.

[Dorota] On the blog you can also read how I underestimated Wysoka, it did teach me a lesson. I also took my best picture of the sunset there – right before the storm… 🙂

Jaworki is a great starting point of many beautiful hikes in the area. Stay in Pokoje u Sabiny (Rooms at Sabina’s) where for an affordable price you’ll spoil yourself with more comfort than you need 🙂

12. Pieniny: Sokolica

Marta – Spójrz przez okno

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland spojrzprzezokno sokolica 1
Beautiful hikes in Poland

One of the most beautiful trails in Polish mountains full of outstanding views on every step – Sokola Perć (Falcon’s Path) in Pieniny. The trail was marked in 1926 on the initiative of the same priest who created Orla Perć (Eagle’s Path) in the Tatras as its “little sister”.

Sokola Perć is a part of the blue trail going through Pieninki from Bańków Gronik to Sokolica. The view to the south takes your breath away – the river Dunajec winding down below and the Tatras guarding the horizon. And the classic beauty of Peininy – the pine tree growing on top of Sokolica. You will surely take a postcard picture.

Update 2019: untoftunately, the tree visible in the picture above has been destroyed by a helicopter during a rescue action. One of the branches has been broken. The tree still stands strong but in a worse condition. It’s over 500 years old!

You can hike Sokolica from Krościenko, Sromowce Niżne and during the season when the ferry on Dunajec river is available – also from Szczawnica.

Distance: Krościenko – Bańków Groń – Sokolica – Krościenko: 8,5 km

Time: 3 – 3,5 h

Difficulty: the trail for everybody in average physical shape. The most picturesque part of the trail goes along a rocky ridge, there are places where you need to do a higher step or grab a metal barrier. The trail isn’t difficult but due to exposure it can be hard for people afraid of heights. It will be good for a hike with older kids. A three year old can struggle because of short lets but a five-six year old will manage without problems.

The best place to stay for hiking Sokolica is Krościenko nad Dunajcem. Stay in Pokoje u Teresy (Rooms at Teresa’s) where you can enjoy comfort and silence for a great price 🙂

13. Gorce: the trail along the massif of Kudłoń and back via Dolina Kamienieckiego Potoku.

Patrycja – Kartka z podróży

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland Kartka z podrozy Gorce 8 1
Great hikes in Poland

I start my hiking in Poland along the yellow trail through the massif of Kudłoń in the village called Rzeki. We can follow it to Turbacz or turn on Borek Pass towards the blue trail in Dolina Kamienickiego Potoku.

After one hour of walking from the parking in Rzeki we reach a picturesque Podskały Meadow (Polana Podskały) where you can find two open old mountain huts. We spend the night on the floor in one of them. The grass is lit by an evening sun and all we hear are crickets. There’s nobody except for us while the huts in the Tatras are overcrowded.

Polana Podskały is an outstandingly beautiful anthropogenic meadow. Located in Gorce National Park it is 940-1020 meters high. There, between Gorc Troszacki (1235 m) and Jaworzynka (1026 m) the terrain visibly goes down to around 1000 m. In early spring the meadow is covered by thousands of crocuses.

The next day, nourished by the blueberries right from the bush we continue our hike through Gorc Troszacki and Kudłoń. When we reach Borek Pass (Przełęcz Borek) we turn back towards Rzeki following the blue trail along Kamienicki Potok (Kamienicki Stream).

Distance: 19,5 km

Time: 6h

There’s no big elevation gain on either of the trails (except for stairs in a few places). They are perfect for a hike with little kids, for the less sporty and for beginners in mountain running. Gorce is also a perfect choice for these who have enough of overcrowded trails and look for peace and silence.

A good place to stay before and after hiking this trail is Mszana Dolna. Check the offer of Zagórzanka Recreational Guesthouse, where you will enjoy peace and quiet and delightful breakfast 🙂

14. Bieszczady: Mała Rawka – Wielka Rawka – Krzemieniec

Kasia – Połącz Kropki

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland polaczkropki2 1
Great hikes in Poland

Do you feel like hiking in Poland in the wildest area? I recommend you Bieszczady!

At first the trail is pleasant, we walk in the forest and you can admire the landscapes of Bieszczady. You can take your first break in the mountain hut.

Then the trail gets more demanding as the ascent to Mała Rawka is steep. It’s the worst moment for me and sometimes I doubt if I made a good decision to hike. But then when we reach so called polonynas (Carpathian meadows and pastures) we’re almost on Mała Rawka and seeing Wielka Rawka in distance is motivating. It’s only 45 minutes between the two so it’s worth to walk further to the next peak.

When I think about these two peaks I immediately think of wind and colorful polonynas. Reaching Krzemieniec, where borders of three countries (Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine) meet is my favorite point.

Firstly, I’m always glad I made it that far especially that the trip can be tiring, secondly – I like the part between Wielka Rawka and Krzemieniec a lot. I often meet foreigners there greeting me with their “ahoj” and I feel that the most difficult part is behind me. The trail is easy and more like a walk than a strenuous hike.

Distance: the maps show it’s 12 km but I think it’s more – around 15 km.

Time: it can take up to 7-8h depending on your speed

Difficulty: Hiking the whole trail is time-consuming. That’s why if you hike with kids I think you should finish it on Mała or Wielka Rawka. You don’t need to be in a great physical shape, the trail is accessible to everybody with average endurance.

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland P9281109 1
Beautiful hikes in Poland

[Dorota] You can also check another trail in Bieszczady mountains which I fell in love with – from Winnie the Pooh’s hut through Orłowicza Pass to Smerek. The photo above is from there. Also make sure you know which places you can’t miss in Bieszczady.

The best starting point for hiking in Bieszczady is Wetlina. I found for you a great house called Dom Gościnny Borsuczyna. It’s local and cozy, you can spend a relaxing time there by the fireplace 🙂

15. Masyw Śnieżnika: Śnieżnik

Łukasz – Łukasz Kędzierski – Podróże i fotografia

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland lkedzierski kgp snieznik 07 1
Great hikes in Poland

When our little Nadia showed her great interest in hiking we came up with an idea to try climbing all 28 peaks of the Crown of Polish Mountains. We don’t just want to collect the peaks, we want to motivate ourselves to go and see all mountain ranges, do more hiking in Poland with our child.

After hiking a couple of smaller peaks with short trails, time came for the massif of Śnieżnik. Hiking Śnieżnik was the first big test for our 4 year old Nadia – if this longer and more demanding trail will be good for her. We chose the yellow trail starting at Niedźwiedzia Cave and going through Śnieżnicka Pass and we continued along green trail through a mountain hut and Jaskółcze Skały to the top of Śnieżnik.

The trail is very pleasant, covered with forest so in hot days you will walk in the shadow. At the end you will reach a pass and you’ll be able to admire beautiful views.

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland DSC 0215 1

The trail isn’t difficult and it’s not steep. Lots of walking on rocky paths.

Why did we like the trail to Śnieżnik? There are great views on its upper part and also on the very top if you are lucky. However, the most important for us was that even small children will manage and will gladly hike to the very top.

Distance: 9,5 km

Time (with small kids): 4h to go up, 3h to go down

If you want to hike Śnieżnik, the best place to stay is the town of Stronie Śląskie. Stay in Adusiówka – a quiet place in a lovely mountain area.

16. Karkonosze: Śnieżka with a view at Kocioł Małego Stawu

Magda – Zbieraj się

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland nieżka i Dom Śląski widok zimą z Lucni Bouda małe zbierajsie.pl 1

The trail we recommend starts near Wang church in Karpacz. At first it goes along a popular and crowded yellow trail to the ruins of Bronka Czecha mountain hut. Then we suggest you turn to the green trail which winds through the forest and then up to the ridge. During the trip you need to gain 863 m of elevation so prepare for a strenuous hike. However, we think it’s not a very demanding trail, we made it in winter carrying our baby and our physical shape still isn’t the greatest.

After a steep ascent you can rest and enjoy the view over Kotlina Jeleniogórska and Śnieżka (1603 m). The next part goes along the red trail, a part of Main Sudetes Trail over Kocioł Wielkiego Stawu and Kocioł Małego Stawu. In winter the trail is different not to bring you close to the ridge edge. Outstanding views! From a viewing point you can shoot a frame showing Samotnia, Strzecha Akademicka and Śnieżka.

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland widok na kotline jeleniogórską z Karkonoszy zbierajsie.pl 1
Beautiful hikes in Poland

Even though the post is about hiking in Poland, we suggest that you take the yellow trail on Równia pod Śnieżką to the Czech mountain hut Lucni Bouda where you can eat Czech knedliki, grab a local beer or stay the night. Going to the Czech side allows you to see Śnieżka from a different perspective which is a great advantage of the trail we recommend. You can reach Śnieżka from Lucni Bouda via blue trail to Dom Śląski and then the red, rocky trail to the top. On Śnieżka you will see an outstanding panorama, the characteristic building of meteorological observatory and a chapel.

The trail is 11 km long and it should take you around 4h. You need to remember though that you need to have enough strength to come back down unless you decide to spend the night in Lucni Bouda or Dom Śląski – which we strongly recommend. The trail is accessible all day long for people with a lot of strength and endurance.

You’ll start your hike to Śnieżka from Karpacz. Check the accommodation offer in Willa Sudety in a perfect location in town 🙂

17. Karkonosze: Kamieńczyk Waterfall – Hala Szrenicka – Trzy Świnki rocks

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Beautiful hikes in Poland

If you’re looking for hikes in Poland with amazing attractions on the route, this one is perfect! You will see a lot: a waterfall, fascinating rock formations, panoramas, and you can also visit three mountain shelters (if you have the time and strength, it’s easy to even visit four shelters!).

You start the hike in Szklarska Poręba-Huta district. The parking lot is in the forest, right by the trail. You walk through the forest following the red and black trail. At the Rozdroże Pod Kamieńczykiem, continue your hike on the red trail. After a short walk, you are in the Kamieńczyk Gorge (843 m). There is the first mountain hut, a waterfall, benches, and a viewpoint.

Then, you need to buy a ticket at the Karkonosze National Park ticket office. Follow the red trail through the forest. It’ a pleasant and not very demanding hike. It takes about 1.2 hours to reach the mountain hut at Hala Szrenicka (1201 m). Amazing views start to unfold!

From the hut, hike uphill on the red trail towards Graniczna Łąka. At the crossroads of Graniczna Łąka, you can climb Szrenica (another mountain hut!) or continue along the red trail. We chose the latter option. After a short walk, you pass by the famous Trzy Świnki rock formations (1290 m). They’re an amazing place for a break and take photos.

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The red trail is very scenic, for me one of the most beautiful trails in the Polish mountains!

At Mokra Przełęcz, continue your hike on the red trail. After about half an hour, you reach the Česká Budka trail junction (1406 m). Here, start descending on the blue trail. After a short descent, you arrive at the Schronisko Pod Łabskim Szczytem mountain shelter (1170 m). Here, switch to the yellow trail, and after a short while, at the Stara Droga junction, join the green trail, which meets the trail where you started your mountain hike (red and black).

The area I described here is great not only because of the magnificent views and the abundance of mountain shelters. There are also many trails and even cable cars, which allow you to modify this route and spend more time on the most picturesque red trail, which runs along the Polish-Czech border. You can even attempt to hike to Śnieżne Kotły (1490 m) – glacial cauldrons, unique in the Polish mountains. There are really a lot of options.

Distance: approx. 14 km

Hiking Time: 5 hours (not including breaks at mountain shelters)

Difficulty: low. The trail is quite long, but it can be easily modified. Families with children or seniors will have no trouble.

If you’d like to explore this part of the Karkonosze Mountains, it’s best to stay in Szklarska Poręba. If you value a comfortable rest after mountain hikes, check out Hotel Pod Szrenicą. It’s an excellent base for mountain trips. Additionally, guests praise the delicious breakfasts and the opportunity to use the sauna and jacuzzi.

Did you like this list?

I loved it and now I know where to send a person looking for the most beautiful trail in Polish mountains. None of the above mentioned ones will discourage you. On the contrary – watch out, you may catch the hiking bug… 🙂

Hikes in Poland – how to prepare?

17 Most Stunning Hikes in Poland hikes in Poland 1
Beautiful hikes in Poland

Here are several useful tips which will make your hiking in the Polish mountains even safer.

  1. Check the weather – before you go, make sure to check the weather forecast. I use Mountain Forecast Website. Polish mountains have unpredictable weather, so it’s important to be prepared for rain or sudden temperature changes.
  2. Pack proper clothing – dress in layers so you can adjust to changing temperatures. Bring a waterproof jacket, sturdy hiking boots, and comfortable socks. Don’t forget a hat and gloves if it’s chilly.
  3. Bring enough water and snacks: there are lots of mountain huts in Poland but, nonetheless, make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Pack lightweight, energy-boosting snacks like nuts, dried fruits, or energy bars to keep you fueled.
  4. Map and navigation – take a paper map of the area and a compass or GPS device. It’s important to know where you’re going 🙂
  5. First aid kit – carry a basic first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and blister treatment. It’s better to be prepared for minor injuries.
  6. Sun protection – even if it’s not sunny, UV rays can still be strong in the mountains. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from sunburn.
  7. Tell someone – let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to return. It’s a safety precaution in case something goes wrong.

For more detailed info on safe hiking in Poland, check out how to prepare for a hike.

Are you still wondering why people go to the mountains? Read my article about how mountains help me get my priorities right – and can help you too.

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  • Reply Lidercfeny May 24, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    Hi Dorota, I just wanted to thank you for this amazing list! 2 weeks ago we did the Gąsienicowa Coomb hike and it was so beautiful! Also I really recommend to take a short, 30 mins walk to the nearby lake to everyone who decides to hike this trail. Thank you again, we probably would not have found this beautiful place if it wasn’t for your blogpost.

    • Reply Dorota May 25, 2018 at 9:32 am

      Hi, I’m so happy you enjoyed your hike! 🙂 Yes, it’s just a short walk from there to Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy and it’s so beautiful too. You are very welcome and come back to Poland to tick off more trails from this list 😉

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      My pleasure 😉 All the best!

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    nice post thanks for sharing these best mountains information, I love hiking and trekking.

    • Reply Dorota March 24, 2019 at 4:45 pm

      You’re more than welcome 🙂

  • Reply Mike Richardson March 3, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Great blog and information! We’ve done a lot of these routes, but I still get lost in the pronunciation of Polish trails & ranges! We keep a track if you’re interested. Keep writing and exploring! 🙂

    • Reply Dorota March 4, 2019 at 7:38 pm

      Thanks for your comment Mike – yes, Polish is challenging even for the Poles sometimes! 😉 I hope you enjoyed my beautiful country 🙂

  • Reply Jan September 1, 2019 at 9:17 am

    Many thanks for this very helpful post! I have a question regarding the information you shared. My girlfriend and I will be going to hike in Poland in October and we would like to do hikes number 2, 5, and 11 (above). Our question is: we have some experience with (mostly flat) hiking and are in good physical shape. Based on this, do you think that one or more of the hikes we selected may not be advisable for us to do? (especially number 2, are there other things you think we should know or be aware of? Timewise?). Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you.

    • Reply Dorota September 3, 2019 at 1:57 pm

      Hi Jan
      You will easily do hikes number 5 and 11 if you are in good physical shape overall. However, number 2 is the most challenging on the list. If you don’t have much experience in hiking mountains, narrow trails with some exposure then I wouldn’t advise to start the adventure with trail 2. Better pick another, easier trail in the Tatras and come back for the “eagle’s path” some other time. Also there may be snow in the Tatras in October already so it gets dangerous for hikers with little experience. Stay safe – and enjoy hiking in Poland! 🙂

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