Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon? Hard decision of the traveler and how to make it.

Antelope Canyon. I never believed it is real. Rocks on Earth do not have such colors. In the pictures I have seen before in the Internet the photographers must have exaggerated with color saturation. Rocks’ shapes? They look like this only from a certain angle.

And you know what?

I was wrong.

These pictures don’t lie. At all.

upper or lower antelope canyon

Antelope Canyon is vivid red and full of outstanding shapes. You watch the game of light and shadows. Along with The Wave, it’s one of these outstanding places in the USA you didn’t know existed and one of the most amazing places around Page, Arizona. You touch the rocks to make sure they are real, red sand sticks to your fingers and crunches when you turn the camera lens. It gets to your shoes and in your mouth. But you don’t notice. You can’t stop watching the rocks around you.

Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. You probably wonder if both of them are equally amazing. The short answer is – they both amaze. But I can tell without hesitation which one took my breath away for a bit longer..

upper or lower antelope canyon

Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon?

If time and budget let you see both of them, do it. Don’t hesitate, go book your tours. Believe me, after you go out of one the only thing you will think of is to get back there. If you have another tour booked, with a big smile on your face you won’t even clean your clothes from red sand.

If you can’t see both of them, choose Lower Antelope Canyon.

Yes, I know. Other internet sources say the opposite.

Yes, Upper Antelope Canyon is breathtaking.

upper or lower antelope canyon

upper or lower antelope canyon

upper or lower antelope canyon

Yes, before the trip to Upper Antelope Canyon you can see a tribal Navajo dance (with Chief Tsosie Antelope Slot Canyon Tours) and it’s great.

Navajo dance show before Upper Antelope Canyon your

Yes, the trip to Upper Antelope Canyon starts on time.

Yes, in Lower Antelope Canyon even though you booked a trip for specific time, you have to wait in a line to get in there. It takes around one hour. For two reasons. One, some people are afraid of heights and get down the ladders very slowly. If you have a huge fear of heights or you don’t cope well with heat, choose Upper Antelope Canyon. There are no ladders or queues.

queue before entering Lower Antelope Canyon

Otherwise – the second reason why it takes so long is that everybody spends a lot of time in the first room after getting down the canyon. Trying to get their jaws back up.

Because in Lower Antelope Canyon your jaw drops to the very ground. In Lower Antelope Canyon you might forget to breathe. In Lower Antelope Canyon you will feel like on a different planet. And the feeling will be more intense than in its upper equivalent.

upper or lower antelope canyon

upper or lower antelope canyon

upper or lower antelope canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is more spacious. There is a lot of people like in Upper Antelope Canyon but the next tour doesn’t follow you step by step. Before they get down the ladder you will have enough time to move further. Your stops for pictures don’t force a line of people behind  you to stop too. Sometimes you have the canyon for yourself, at least for a few seconds.

upper or lower antelope canyon

upper or lower antelope canyon

upper or lower antelope canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is also cheaper. The trip costs 20$ and the one to Upper Antelope Canyon – 40$ (+8$ charge for entering Navajo nation land. Applicable per person, twice if you visit both canyons).

Comparing these two places is similar to comparing two viewing points in the Grand Canyon. I can’t call any of them “worse”.  Such a negative word just isn’t right.

They are all breathtaking. But one of them leaves you in awe more.

upper or lower antelope canyon

I’ve been to Antelope Canyon. I have seen it with my own eyes. But I still wonder – is this place real? Or maybe it was just a dream and while editing my pictures I did exaggerate with color saturation?


Antelope Canyon is located near Page, Arizona. It’s less than 3h drive from other amazing national parks: the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, it can even be reached in one day from Las Vegas. Don’t miss it!

If you’re planning your trip to the USA or only dreaming about it – check how to organize your trip to the USA step by step!

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