How Mountains Help Me Get My Priorities Right (And Can Help You Too)?

dlaczego jechać w góry

With my eyes half-closed I stand in the office kitchen next to the coffee machine. Sleepy, we complain quietly with a colleague about Monday, too many emails and the broken milk frother. We talk about last weekend.

Why do you go to the mountains so often? Explain it to me because for me it’s not fun at all. – she asks me and my eyes open wider before I even smell the scent of coffee.

I was about to give her a very simple answer – because it’s insanely beautiful there. But I stopped and thought for a moment.

I felt my cheeks get warm, I think I blushed. Because I understood the answer lies much, much deeper. And it’s so much more personal.

why mountains

On a daily basis everything tries to get my attention. Have you ever thought how many various notifications you get every day? Countless! My phone keeps vibrating and sending me Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp notifications simultaneously.

On a daily basis I answer messages, listen to a French podcast and try to pet my cat – simultaneously.

Every day after work we talk with my fiancé about all the routine stuff, “how are you, how was your day, did you have a lot of work, did you buy bread in Lidl?”. In the meantime my thoughts already focus on everything I still want to do today.

On a daily basis I don’t want to bore myself to death and achieve nothingI want to do something all the time. Doing one thing I feel guilty that I don’t do five others at the same time. I edit pictures – but I still want to write a post. I write a post – but I need to correct old ones so they have more SEO value. I correct old posts – but I still need to clean the flat. I clean the flat – but I still want to go running. I try to find my way how to work more efficiently.

I don’t have time to spend with myself and my thoughts only. The phone keeps vibrating.

why mountains

On most of the days we spend evenings together with Adam but again, everything tries to get our attention. It’s hard to focus on each other. We can watch a series, a movie, play PlayStation, a board game, read books… We could talk too.

But on a daily basis we don’t talk as much as we should. What is a talk compared to all fascinating movies, interesting games, engaging books? Boring!

Huge, terrible, unacceptable mistake. Mountains and nature helped me understand it.

why mountains

In the mountains finally nothing tries to get my attention. There’s no mobile signal, no Internet connection.

In the mountains I live here, now, in this very moment, free from a thousand thoughts about what I need to do. I don’t need anything except for admiring the nature. Enjoying the silence. Reaching the top.

In the mountains I can spend time with myself. I can think about nothing, listen to the fast beating of my heart and to sounds of the forest. Or I can get lost in my thoughts about where I am and where I want to be. I can analyze my actions, my ideas, my dreams, my plans. I think about people I haven’t called or written to for a long time. There I think about my deceased grandma the most often.

why mountains

In the mountains I can fully spend time with my fiancé. There we share beautiful moments. There I feel that we spend time fully together. There we have more meaningful talks than ever at home.

In the mountains  I breathe freely and I become happier.

why mountains

So, why? – my colleague impatiently brings me back to reality pressing “cappuccino” button on the coffee machine.  Coffee grinder deafens all my thoughts.

– Because it’s insanely beautiful there. – I reply quietly – And I can’t explain this now… but they help me remember what really matters.


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