Discover a well-kept secret of Poland. Colorful Lakelets in Lower Silesia

Colorful lakelets in Rudawski Landscape Park (Rudawski Park Krajobrazowy) in Lower Silesia, Poland are artificial ponds formed in a former German piryte mines. You can see four lakes on the map – Yellow, Purple, Azure and Green.

With my heart beating fast in excitement I approached the first viewpoint from where I could see the first Lakelet – Yellow one. I lean out, I look down… and I feel an unpleasant stab of disappointment. The first colorful lakelet is a small puddle and its color is closer to dark brown than yellow. On the surface I see dry, brown leaves which from distance look like trash.

Did someone have a genius idea of turning a sewage into a tourist attraction?

colorful lakelets poland

With much smaller enthusiasm I walk to the Purple Lake. What if it disappoints me too? Lakelets is the attraction I was the most excited about during our trip to Lower Silesia. The region has never disappointed me before, neither its natural wonders nor its capital, Wrocław (oh, if you want to learn more about it, check this post about things to do in Wrocław!)

After a short walk I saw it. The Purple Lake, despite its name was intensely green. And it immediately made me forget the first bad impression. I walked around it with my camera and it turned out that the color of water changes, depending on where you stand. At some point the green color changed to a dark, burgundy color. Believe it or not, all the below pictures show the same lake.

colorful lakelets poland

colorful lakelets poland

colorful lakelets poland

The water in Purple Lake is actually a solution of sulfuric acid. It’s one of the most corrosive acids, do you remember your chemistry lessons? Obviously there’s not enough of it in the lakelet to make it dangerous for you. But just the fact itself is fascinating and makes me a bit more respectful… 🙂

colorful lakelets poland

After 20 minutes of a slow walk uphill, you can see another color showing through the trees. And again you can’t believe it’s real. The water in Azure Lake (also called Blue or Emerald) contains copper ions which make the water blue. There is no more sulfur in it. And no matter how many times you close your eyes and open them again, thinking the color was only an illusion – it still stays the same. Just beautiful 🙂

colorful lakelets poland

colorful lakelets poland

colorful lakelets poland

colorful lakelets poland

The last lake, Green one is even smaller than the yellow lake, it’s a small puddle hidden in the forest. And its color is… well… dirty 🙂 We would have missed it without the signs.

We also went further to Wielka Kopa but the peak, all covered with the forest disappointed us with lack of views. If you just feel like walking more, that’s a pleasant option but you won’t get any more interesting views beyond Azure Lake 🙂

I would recommend to go back and spend the rest of the day hiking a nearby mountain – Skalnik with its amazing viewpoint over Sudetes. If it’s not foggy… 🙂

Colorful Lakelets in Lower Silesia, Poland – practical information

Colorful Lakelets – where?

Rudawski Park Krajobrazowy. The green trail starts in a village called Wieściszowice and it will take you to the lakelets.

Colorful Lakelets – where to park the car?

At the trail’s beginning there are 5 parking lots, they cost 5-10 zł per stay.

Colorful Lakelets – distance and time?

According to the map, distance to the Green Lake equals 3,3km and it takes 1h20 min. To the peak of Wielka Kopa – 1h40 min and 4,2 km.

The trail is easy, we’ve seen a lot of kids of various ages, a family with a stroller and even a woman with crutches walking on one leg… but this was a bit crazy I must say. It’s not a cobbled pavement but a trail and it can get steep. But if there is a will, there is a way… 🙂

Don’t let the first impression put you off. It’s not a genius idea of turning a sewage into a tourist attraction. It’s a beautiful and interesting place worth every minute of your time.

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