What To See In Thailand In 14 Days? Complete Itinerary 2024

What To See In Thailand In 14 Days? Complete Itinerary 2024 cover

Two weeks in Thailand. Are you planning a trip to this exotic country and you wonder what to see in 14 or more days? Are you overwhelmed by how many places there are to see and you don’t know what to choose? I understand it so well. Even though I spent 7 weeks in Thailand, there are still so many places I wish I had seen.

This post will help you to use your limited time in Thailand the best way and plan a trip you will remember for a long time 🙂

Two weeks in Thailand itinerary – 14 days

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Day 1 – The first hours in Bangkok

thailand itinerary 14 days

You arrive in Bangkok – most probably your two weeks in Thailand start here. Go for your first walk already in the first evening. Feel the new, exotic climate immediately. No matter whether you spend your honeymoon in Bangkok or it’s just a usual trip – stroll around the city at night, see the illuminated temples, and the famous party street – Khao San Road. You might even consider going from the airport to Khao San Road directly 😉 Eat your first pad thai or fried rice, get your first Thai beer or a drink from a bucket and slowly realize you’re starting your adventure 🙂

Check this guide to Bangkok & plan sightseeing 🙂

In Bangkok, you can stay in ASAI Bangkok Chinatown, a great hotel near Chinatown. Guests appreciate the location, good breakfasts and a convenient shop 7/11 which is open non-stop.

All links to accommodations in this post are affiliate links. If you use them, I’ll get a small commission with no difference in price for you. Thanks in advance! 🙂

Day 2 – Highlights of Bangkok

thailand itinerary 14 days

On your second day visit the best places and the most popular things to do in Bangkok. There are numerous temples in Bangkok and one of the must-sees is Wat Pho. Go there in the morning right after it opens to avoid crowds of tourists. Next go to Wat Arun, Chinatown, Wat Traimit with the biggest statue of Buddha fully made of gold. Before sunset go to Wat Saket (Golden Mount) and enjoy the panorama of the city.

Check: 15 Top Things To Do In Bangkok

If you need more pieces of advice for the city, check out this extensive itinerary for five days in Bangkok!

Day 3 – Chiang Mai

thailand itinerary 14 days

Take a morning flight to Chiang Mai. There is a lot of them from Bangkok, most of them take off from Don Mueang airport (DMK) and you can get there by train from Bangkok city center – Hua Lamphong train station. I recommend you use a plane to save time but if it exceeds your budget, choose a night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is a place appearing in almost all Thailand itineraries – and it’s not without a reason 🙂 Spend a day strolling around its streets and visiting temples which catch your attention. Chiang Mai is much calmer than Bangkok and Thai people love it too.

Check my list of things to do in Chiang Mai and have fun 🙂

This Chiang Mai itinerary can be another source of inspiration for you 🙂 Make sure to go to the night market – Sunday night market in Chiang Mai is the biggest event but there is a smaller market every day too and I loved spending my evenings there.

In Chiang Mai, I recommend you to stay in Jimmy and Jeng Homestay. It’s basic but I have never been welcomed so warmly in any other hostel. And I keep dreaming about their pineapple pancakes…

Day 4 – Elephant sanctuary

thailand itinerary 14 days

Meeting elephants is a unique experience and you should include it in your Thailand itinerary for 14 days. Remember, don’t ride elephants! Make sure you’re choosing a place which takes good care of the animals. The most famous place with the best opinions around Chiang Mai is Elephant Nature Park. When I was there they didn’t have places anymore so we went to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. The elephants seemed to be fine and well-treated. We could feed them, watch them, prepare a snack for them, take a mud bath with them and clean them in a river.

Day 5 – Doi Inthanon or another trip around Chiang Mai

thailand itinerary 14 days

Doi Inthanon is a national park and the highest mountain in Thailand and you can see outstanding views around there! If you feel confident enough to drive a scooter or a car there – rent one and go there by yourself. Hike Kaew Mae Pan Nature Trail.

You will need to pay 200 THB to enter the trail and take a guide. You can’t hike there by yourself. The price doesn’t depend on how big your group is – you can be alone or in a group. The trail is not difficult or long (less than 3 km) but you will see amazing views from there. After hiking drive up to the highest spot in Thailand and go to see King and Queen Pagodas.

thailand itinerary 14 days

If you book a tour in Chiang Mai, make sure it includes hiking the Kaew Mae Pan Nature Trail. It offers the best views and I think it’s not worth taking the tour without it.

Other options for that day

– Doi Suthep temple and Doi Pui hill tribe village. You can get there from Chiang Mai with red trucks – songtaew or book your tour in advance here.

– Biking tour around rural areas, kayaking or bamboo rafting – I did this bike and kayak tour and it was great. Check availability and prices now 🙂

Read this post about things to do in Chiang Mai for more inspiration.

Day 6 – Chiang Rai, White Temple

thailand itinerary 14 days

Take a morning bus to Chiang Rai. Walk around the town and in one of the local tour operators book two trips I mention below. If you have enough time – go to the White Temple and the less known, new Blue Temple. I think you can skip the famous Black House. In my opinion, it’s interesting and worth your time only if you have nothing else to do… 🙂 There are many attractions in Chiang Rai, I loved the town and the surroundings.

In Chiang Rai, you can stay at Na-Rak-O Resort. It’s an awesome place, cozy and well decorated 🙂 Breakfast is included.

Day 7 – Sunrise on Phu Chi Fa

thailand itinerary 14 days

If the weather forecast doesn’t say it’s going to be cloudy – go to see the sunrise on Phu Chi Fa. You can rent a car if you’re not afraid to drive at night on the left-hand side on winding mountain roads. You can also book a tour and then the driver will pick you up at 3 am from your accommodation and take you 90 km out of town, close to the Thailand-Laos border.

From there you need to hike up 20-30 minutes – to see a spectacular show of fog, clouds and warm light. One of the most beautiful views I’ve seen in Thailand. Double-check the forecasts though, sometimes you can’t see anything but fog… 😉

You will come back to Chiang Rai around 11 a.m., spend a relaxing day in the town or go to see the White Temple if you haven’t before. To get to the White Temple you need to take a bus from the bus station and it takes around 15-20 minutes to get there.

Day 8 – Trekking in the jungle

thailand itinerary 14 days

For the next day, I recommend you trekking in the jungle. Along with Phu Chi Fa, it was the best tour I took in Thailand. We could admire exotic nature, we saw little tiny villages and a tea plantation. A part of the tour was cooking a meal – in a bamboo.

thailand itinerary 14 days

We ate it from bamboo cups with bamboo chopsticks – the tour operator’s name was Bamboo Tours 🙂 Amazing views and an outstanding experience.

Day 9 – Back to Bangkok

thailand itinerary 14 days

Take a flight from Chiang Rai to Bangkok. It’s the best way if you want to save time – but if you prefer to save money, take a bus back to Chiang Mai and then a night train to Bangkok.

Remember you can stay in ASAI Bangkok Chinatown.

Day 10 – Bangkok

thailand itinerary 14 days

It’s a day for visiting these highlights of Bangkok you haven’t seen before. Go to the impressive Grand Palace, then a bit different, inspired by European architecture – Dusit Palace. Take a rest in Lumphini park or walk in Silom district. In the evening go to Chatuchak Weekend Market or Ratchada Train Market.

Day 11-13 – Rest on the beach

thailand itinerary 14 days

After all the previous intense days you will need a short rest at one of the outstanding beaches to end your two weeks in Thailand 🙂 Even though the most beautiful places for resting and diving in Thailand are in the south, if you have limited time it’s worth looking at the coast and islands of eastern Thailand. Spend a few lazy days on the white sand with coconut in your hand there 🙂 

We chose Koh Samed island and I recommend it to you. Even though you can’t escape from tourists taking selfies with every stone, the beach is wide, beautiful and enough for everybody 🙂 In the evenings you will find many nice bars on the beach to enjoy your drink listening to the waves. On Koh Samed, I’ve also seen the most beautiful dance with fire ever!

thailand itinerary 14 days

Get to Koh Samed from Bangkok’s eastern bus station (Ekkamai). The bus to Ban Phe pier takes 3,5 hours and the ferry to the island takes 40 minutes.

We stayed in Samed Big Tree. Clean and pretty hotel, close to the pier and the main beach. Breakfast is included 🙂

Day 14 – Going back

It’s time to go back to Bangkok and fly back home.

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Two weeks in Thailand itinerary – 14 days – other options

thailand itinerary 14 days

If you are interested in history more than in nature – don’t do one of the trips in Chiang Rai and plan a trip to the old capitals of Thailand – Ayutthaya or Sukhothai instead.

Check my guide to Ayutthaya temples and attractions here >>

Change the trip from Chiang Rai to Pai. I know people who are in love with Pai. You will see beautiful nature around there too, I heard it’s a relaxed, hippie town 🙂 Even though I didn’t go there, I loved Chiang Rai and I recommend you to see it – think which of them seems more tempting for you.

If you choose Pai, stay in Princess Resort – I met the owners, they’re a part of my Thai family who hosted me during my volunteering time. Amazing people and my friends who stayed in these lovely houses were delighted 🙂

If you don’t feel like lying at the beach – use the additional days to visit Pai before going back to Bangkok or plan a day in Ayutthaya.

Thailand itinerary – what to see if you have more than 14 days

thailand itinerary 14 days

If you have more than two weeks in Thailand, perfect! You won’t be bored, that’s for sure 🙂 Except for the above list, what to see in such a case?


I mentioned it above – a laid-back town surrounded by nature. The majority of people I met and who visited Pai loved it. Remember about Jikko Harem – you can check prices and availability here.

You can also consider doing the Mae Hong Son Loop. It’s a long and scenic drive well worth your time if you’re up for renting a car and driving in Thailand. I will definitely do it next time I’m around.

Ayutthaya or Sukhothai

thailand itinerary 14 days

When you prepare your Thailand itinerary you can’t forget its old capitals – full of history and fascinating ruined temples. I didn’t like Ayutthaya as a city – the wide streets are terrible for bikers or those walking, and the temples are located all over the place, far from each other without safe bike routes.

But I must admit that I loved the history and the temples. I can only imagine how amazing it was before it got destroyed. Ayutthaya is located less than 2 hours of train ride from Bangkok so it’s easy to get there.

Check my guide to Ayutthaya temples and attractions here >>

I haven’t been to Sukhothai but I heard it is even more beautiful and much more pleasant than in Ayutthaya. It’s harder to reach it though, it’s more or less halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

If you go to Ayutthaya, I recommend you to stay in Aiyara House. Very nice room, and the best breakfast during my whole trip. You can also rent bikes there.

More time in Chiang Mai

thailand itinerary 14 days

Chiang Mai is a lovely place and there are so many fun things to do around it you can spend a week there without getting bored. Except for the trips I mentioned above – Doi Inthanon, Doi Suthep, hill tribe villages, biking trips and rafting – you can also go to Grand Canyon Water Park. It’s super fun 🙂 Here I put together a list of 10 fun things you can do in Chiang Mai!

South of Thailand

thailand itinerary 14 days

And finally, if you have enough time – go to the south of Thailand, full of outstanding islands, nature and beaches. I haven’t been there unfortunately but I’ll have to make up for it 🙂 

Also if you’re a party animal, here is a post for you on a one-month Thailand itinerary and it’s focused on islands and partying! 🙂

Are you planning a trip to Thailand and you wonder what to see in 14 or more days? I hope you are a little bit less overwhelmed by how many places there are to see and I helped you choose and plan your trip 🙂

Have fun – and make sure to check my guides: 15 Top Things To Do In Bangkok, All you need to know to organize a trip to Thailand and what is the best month to visit Thailand 🙂

You can also find out what it’s like to volunteer in Thailand and what everyday life is like in Thailand – check these 10 unique facts about Thai people and life in Thailand.

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