Complete Guide To All The Best Dublin Attractions [2020]

Dublin sightseeing is the most popular in March during Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. Numerous tourists visit Dublin then, the city lights up in green, people walk around in green clothing, you can see Celtic dance shows. You can drink green (and not only) beer and participate in Saint Patrick’s Festival.

If you can visit Dublin in the middle of March, that’s great – you will have fun and it may be the best time to visit Ireland 🙂 However, you will find numerous top things to do in Dublin, Ireland in other times of the year too.

Which Dublin attractions should you visit all year round? I prepared a complete list for you to help you plan your trip to Ireland and its capital 🙂

Dublin Attractions – The Complete List

Temple Bar and pubs in Dublin

The Temple Bar

Dublin attractions - Temple Bar

If you visit Dublin for the first time you may think that Temple Bar is a bar… but it’s actually not 🙂 It is a district on the southern side of river Liffey and it is one of Dublin must sees, no matter if you’re visiting Dublin for one day or a longer time. You can indeed start your sightseeing from a pint of Guinness in The Temple Bar Pub – but I decided to see this place from outside and go for a beer to a less crowded and less popular place 🙂

A walk around Temple Bar district is one of the most fun things to do in Dublin at night especially, when streets and pubs fill up and people go out to party 🙂

If you’re looking for ideas for a longer trip, check this idea for 5 days road-trip around Ireland 🙂

The Brazen Head

Brazen Head

Many of Dublin tourist attractions spin around bars, pubs and beer – and this one is no different 🙂 The Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Ireland. Even though the current building comes from XVIIIth century, history of the pub dates six hundred years further, to 1198!

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Dublin, Ireland, having a pint of beer or a traditional Irish meal in this old-school place is one of them.

The Porterhouse

Dublin - Porterhouse

We went to Dublin to visit a friend – and she took us to The Porterhouse. You will find two Porterhouses in the city center. They both brew their own great beer and feed you with awesome burgers 🙂 If you wonder what to do in Dublin, Ireland – put The Porterhouse on your list.

Dublin – attractions along the river

Ha’Penny Bridge

Dublin attractions - Ha'Penny Bridge

River Liffey divides Dublin into two parts. Before, the only way to get from one side to another was to use a ferry. When ferries’ condition started to deteriorate, the city demanded from their owner to either fix them or to build a bridge. He chose the bridge – and he got permission to charge people halfpenny every time someone crosses it for a period of one hundred years after finishing the construction.

Today Ha’Penny Bridge is one of main Dublin sights – and don’t worry, there is no charge anymore and crossing it is now one of free things to do in Dublin 🙂

Samuel Beckett Bridge (Harp Bridge)

Harp Bridge

Samuel Beckett Bridge should also appear on your list of places to visit in Dublin. It looks like a harp – the symbol of Ireland. The name comes from an Irish writes, Nobel Prize winner and it is impressive 🙂

Famine Memorial

Dublin attractions - Famine Memorial

Famine Memorial is one of sad places in Dublin – it commemorates the Great Famine from 1845-1849 which caused big emigration to America. The Famine started from potato blight which damaged the crops a few years in a row. British government supported Ireland in the first year but didn’t intervene in the next. History and reasons of this disaster are complicated and I encourage you to read about them here. Whoever could, left Ireland at that time.

What to see in Dublin currently as a memory of this tragedy?

Famine Memorial shows a group of starving people walking along the river with a thin dog following them. The Memorial is located at the river bank at the exact spot from where the first emigration ship left  the country – the first of thousands.

It is still estimated that more Irish people live abroad than in the country.

Monuments and best museums in Dublin

Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse
Dublin attractions - Guinness Storehouse
Dublin attractions - Guinness Storehouse

One of Dublin top attractions is Guinness Storehouse – a museum of Ireland’s most famous stout beer. You can taste it in almost every bar but in this museum you will not only drink a pint but also learn all about it.The museum takes you step by step through beer production process – from its ingredients, bringing them together, adding gas, bottling – to advertising and marketing communication of the company.You will learn the story of the brewery’s founder, Arthur Guinness.

Dublin attractions - Guinness Storehouse

You will also pour your own pint from a pump – and drink it later in a sky bar on the last floor. And this is definitely a must do in Dublin :)Guinness Storehouse was definitely one of the best places to see in Dublin, Ireland and I highly recommend it to you 🙂

Jameson Distillery

Dublin attractions - Jameson Distillery

Except for drinking beer, tasting some whiskey is one of top activities in Dublin 🙂 Where should you go to learn more about its production?

Jameson Distillery Bow St.

The most popular tour is Bow St. Experience where you will learn about the distillery’s history and whiskey production process. Except for this, one of the top 10 things to do in Dublin can be a workshop on how to make drinks with whiskey, workshops where you can blend your own whiskey or professional tasting 🙂

Dublin Castle

Dublin attractions - Dublin Castle

Dublin castle is one of the most important buildings in Irish history. Most of the time it was the seat of the British government’s administration (Lord Lieutenant of Ireland). In XVIIth century the castle got damaged by fire and the only part of the original building we can see today is the tower. The rest of the building is a reconstruction and it is one of Dublin landmarks today.

Since Ireland got its independence, many important events take place in the castle, including the inauguration of Irish presidents.

Don’t miss the castle while sightseeing Dublin. You can see it either from outside only or inside too.

Check prices of tickets here. You can enter it with Dublin Pass too.

The Book of Kells and Trinity College Library

Book of Kells

The Book of Kells is one of the most beautiful Medieval manuscripts we can see nowadays. It comes from circa 800 AD and contains the four Gospels of the New Testament with numerous illustrations and ornamentations.

You can see it in Trinity College Library.

To be honest, I didn’t know about the Book of Kells before going. I went to the Library to see The Long Room, so beautiful and famous from pictures in the Internet. I thought the entrance will be free, like in an amazing library in Stockholm, that I’ll be able to wander freely around the shelves.

Dublin attractions - Trinity College Library

It is not the case unfortunately. You can only see the exhibition about the Book of Kells and walk along crowded main corridor of the Library, you can’t touch the books and you are carefully watched all the time.Admission costs 14 euro and unfortunately the Dublin Pass doesn’t cover it.

I was a bit disappointed by the value I got for the price. If you’re thinking where to go in Dublin, have a think if you are interested in the Book of Kells enough – as it is the main attraction of the place.

Little Museum of Dublin

Even before coming to Ireland I’ve heard that Little Museum is one of cool things to do in Dublin city centre. Unfortunately, it turned out to be closed when I was there 🙁 My friends confirm though that it is SO worth visiting.

At every full hours you can take a guided tour around the museum. It is included in the Dublin Pass.

Statue of Molly Malone

Dublin attractions - Molly Malone

Molly Malone is… a song. It tells a story of a young woman selling fresh fish in the streets of Dublin who died young of fever.

Even though there is no proof that Molly existed in real life, it is believed the song tells a story of Mary Malone who died on the 13th June 1699. Currently 13th June is Molly Malone Day.

The song became an unofficial anthem of Dublin, Ireland. Things to do currently in relation to it are – find a statue of Molly Malone presented with her cart in XVII century dress and take a picture of/with her. Some can’t help but look or touch her boobs too… 😉

Other Dublin attractions

Dublin attraction

You will find more places in the city which some consider as must do in Dublin. One of them is National Museum of Dublin with its archeology, national history and art exhibitions. Moreover – entrance is free 🙂 If you want to learn more about Irish whiskey, not only Jameson, visit Irish Whiskey Museum. You can also visit Klimainham Gaol – old British prison.

Dublin Cathedrals

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral

One of two cathedrals in the city and the biggest sacral building in Ireland, which makes it one of top sights in Dublin.

It was built to commemorate Saint Patrick who is believed to have baptized people in a nearby water spring.

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

The second of interesting sacral places to go in Dublin is Christ Church Cathedral. A church has been here since XIth century but the current building is an effect of reconstructions from XIXth century.

It is the seat of the Archbishop of Dublin. Points of interest here, except for the cathedral’s interior are its crypts – the oldest in Great Britain. In the crypts you can see an unusual but interesting sight – a mummified cat and a rat which, probably chasing one another got stuck in pipes and turned into mummies.

Things to do around Dublin

Cliffs of Howth

Dublin attraction - cliffs of Howth

When I arrived to Dublin, I haven’t even spent the first day in the city 🙂 We went for a trip to Howth, where you can enjoy the nature and admire what Ireland has best – cliffs.

You can get to Howth in 30 minutes by DART train and it is one of amazing places to visit near Dublin. There you can choose between shorter and longer walks around the cliffs. We decided on a 6 km Lower Cliff Loop and the views were outstanding 🙂

Wicklow Mountains

Dublin attraction - Wicklow Mountains

If you look for more things to do near Dublin, check Wicklow Mountains National Park. You can enjoy awesome views and choose from trails of various lengths and difficulty levels. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to go there myself but it is on top of my bucket list for the next time in Dublin 🙂

Check the park’s website here for tips on how to get there. It’s the easiest if you have a car but you can also try public transportation. Private tour is also a good and comfortable option 🙂

Dublin parks

Phoenix Park and Dublin ZOO

Dublin attraction - Phoenix park

Phoenix Park is one of the biggest city parks in Europe (just a bit bigger than a park in my home region of Silesia, Poland 🙂 ). If you look for family attractions Dublin has to offer, this is the place – you will find a zoo within the park as well as herds of wild deer.

St. Stephen’s Green

Dublin attraction - St Stephen's Green

A small park in the City of Dublin. Places to visit in the park include flower gardens and ponds, you can watch birds or make a picnic there (if the weather is favorable enough 🙂 ). You can also visit St. Stephen’s Green shopping mall nearby.

Best places to stay in Dublin, Ireland

Landsdowne Hotel – one of the best hotels in Dublin, Ireland I was able to find in an affordable price range 🙂 A great standard of rooms, 15 minutes’ walk from St. Stephen’s Green and other interesting places in Dublin. You will find good pubs around 🙂 Also, you can buy breakfast there.

City Studios and Apartments – the best price of amazing accommodation I managed to find close to Dublin’s city center! Don’t look for more answers to “where to stay in Dublin Ireland” if you want to live in a good location and enjoy the comfort without spending loads of money in this expensive city 🙂

Paramount Hotel – if you’re looking for lodging in Dublin, Ireland in the best possible location, this is the place for you 🙂 It’s a three-star boutique hotel, the rooms are stylish. You can also get breakfast there.

Staycity Aparthotel – perfect place for a bigger group of people, from 3 to 7. You visit Dublin – where to stay? Close to the bars! 🙂 And this place is right next to the oldest pub in Ireland and 5 minutes’ walk from The Temple Bar 🙂

Dublin – practical information

How to get from Dublin airport to city centre?

A bus is the best way to get from Dublin airport to the city center. You can either take a regular city bus or special Airlink Express.

We took city bus number 41 one way and Airlink the other. Both are comfortable but it was quicker with Airlink. Check the airport’s website for more information.

Public transportation in Dublin

You can travel between the things to see in Dublin by bus, LUAS tram and DART train. If you plan to use public transportation a lot, I recommend you to buy a Visitor Leap Card – check here for more information.

Leap Card allows you to use all buses (Airlink included), trains and the tram and it saves you a lot of money 🙂

Dublin Pass Card

If you plan to visit many museums, check if Dublin Pass isn’t going to save you money. You can enter many attractions for free if you have it – check the full list here.

You can buy it at a regular price on the website or one euro cheaper on Get your guide here 🙂

Dublin sightseeing is the most popular in March during Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. Now you know though, that Dublin has a lot to offer all year round 🙂

Enjoy your trip!

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