Born Globals was created in October 2015. It’s a place which will help you turn your dreams into plans. It’s a place for young people aiming at constant self-development, who want to discover the world, share their energy and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Here you will find inspiration to travel, learn about international volunteering opportunities. You will get loads of kick-ass motivation to achieve your goals and develop your skills. To be a happier, better person 🙂

Even though I have always been passionate about travelling, I discovered a whole new world when I went to Russia for 6 weeks volunteering program. I went there shaking like a jelly and full of doubts, I came back sure that it was the best decision I have ever made.

My current goal is to volunteer on every continent (excluding Antarctica, it’s too cold there for such a chilly person like me!). I have already WWOOFed in the USA and taught English in Thailand! I want to promote this way of travelling among young people.

I realized a lot of people don’t believe that they can achieve their goals too. They think they should have a “normal life”. Only the chosen ones’ dreams come true. And that’s wrong!

What your life looks like depends on you. Dreams don’t come true by themselves. You have to make them.

My name is Dorota, I come from Katowice, Poland. I work full time in a Swiss corporation. Except for travelling I love learning foreign languages – I speak English, Russian and French, I slowly learn Spanish 🙂

I am an introvert who after enough time alone loves spending time with people and hearing their stories 🙂 My favorite personality test (Myers-Briggs) classifies me as an INFJ – and I can’t deny, it’s too accurate.

I love spending my time in an international company, it’s super interesting and developing. I learn how to become a better photographer.

I travel whenever I can. I love mountains and nature but I won’t refuse a trip to an interesting city either. I have a lot of plans and dreams, my BUCKET LIST seems endless!

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Also feel free to contact me via dorota@bornglobals.com
I can’t wait to get to know you 🙂

Take care.