BUCKET LIST bucket list

Bucket list – what is it all about?

Bucket list is a list of everything you would like to do before you die. My list mostly includes adventures which I have wanted to experience since forever or since I have heard or read about such possibility. There are also goals and dreams which developed as my personality was changing, as I was gaining experience and expanding my knowledge.

Why do I need a bucket list?

First of all, it was an incredible fun to write it all down. I could let my imagination run wild and write everything that comes to my mind. Everything I would like to achieve, see or do. It helped me arrange all these wild thoughts telling me that I want to see the WHOLE world, try EVERYTHING and learn ALL the knowledge out there. I made it more specific. Nobody was telling me in the meantime that I exaggerate, that it’s surreal and that I should stop dreaming and focus on real life. Yes, this list is long and intense. But I will enjoy ticking the points for the next years of my life. With no pressure that I have to tick everything and immediately. I’ll take it easy. But the more I achieve, the happier I will be 🙂

I divided my bucket list into parts:
– Life part
– Travel part (Poland, Europe, World)

None of these lists is final, they all change. I will be adding next points and I might also remove some if I no longer feel like doing them.

Ready? Let’s go 🙂



-volunteer on each continent except for Antarctica – in progress, 3/6 (Europe – volunteering with AIESEC, North America – WWOOF, Asia – teaching English in Thailand, South America, Africa, Australia)
– to paraglide (done, August 2015)
– to go to a train station and get on a random train (done, May 2016 – we ended up in Poznań 🙂 it’s waiting to be repeated!)
– to have a cat (double done, January 2015)
– to speak at least 5 foreign languages fluently – in progress: English, Russian, French, Spa
nish, Italian
– to earn money on the blog and related activities (developing… 🙂 )
– to skydive (done, July 2018)

– to hike at least 500 km on a long-distance hiking trail (I keep thinking about the Pacific Crest Trail but I probably should start with a smaller one in Poland… 😉 )
– to run a half marathon (done, August 2019. Time 2:03:56)
– to run a half marathon below 2h
– to learn how to ride a horse
– to do a sailing license
– learn to play a guitar or ukulele, play on parties with friends without being ashamed I don’t have a great singing voice 😉
– to hitchhike somewhere
– to have a dog (a Great Dane preferably 😀 )
– to have a rabbit
– to have a company or work as a freelancer
– to write a book
– to have a baby, be the best mother in the world without giving up on my passions and hobbies.
– to be happy – in progress!
– to develop and learn new things my whole life – in progress!
– when I get old, move to Italy, enjoy its lifestyle, climate, landscapes and atmosphere, eat pasta, gnocchi and pizza, drink local wine without caring that I’ll get fat and that it’s not healthy 🙂



Poland is beautiful, that’s a fact which can’t be denied. I love travelling around the world but knowing my own country is a must. I still haven’t seen a loooot of places in Poland and I want to explore them!

-to climb the highest peaks of all 28 mountain ranges in Poland. (in progress: 23/28)
Rysy, Babia Góra, Śnieżka, Śnieżnik, Tarnica, Turbacz, Radziejowa, Skrzyczne, Mogielica, Wysoka Kopa, Rudawiec, Orlica, Wysoka (Wysokie Skałki), Wielka Sowa, Lackowa, Kowadło, Jagodna, Skalnik, Waligóra, Czupel, Szczeliniec Wielki, Lubomir, Biskupia Kopa, Chełmiec, Kłodzka Góra, Skopiec, Ślęża, Łysica

– to visit all National Parks in Poland (in progress: 12/23)
Babiogórski Park Narodowy, Białowieski Park Narodowy, Biebrzański Park Narodowy, Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy, Drawieński Park Narodowy, Gorczański Park Narodowy, Kampinoski Park Narodowy, Karkonoski Park Narodowy, Magurski Park Narodowy, Narwiański Park Narodowy, Ojcowski Park Narodowy, Park Narodowy Bory Tucholskie, Park Narodowy Gór Stołowych, Park Narodowy Ujście Warty, Pieniński Park Narodowy, Poleski Park Narodowy, Roztoczański Park Narodowy, Słowiński Park Narodowy, Świętokrzyski Park Narodowy, Tatrzański Park Narodowy, Wielkopolski Park Narodowy, Wigierski Park Narodowy, Woliński Park Narodowy

– to visit the capital of all voivodeships (regions) of Poland (in progress: 9/16)
Wrocław, Bydgoszcz/Toruń, Lublin, Zielona Góra/Gorzów Wielkopolski, Łódź, Kraków, Warszawa, Opole, Rzeszów, Białystok, Gdańsk, Katowice, Kielce, Olsztyn, Poznań, Szczecin

– to visit other charming towns in Poland (in constant progress!)
– to see at least half of the attractions listed in Polish sightseeing canon (website in Polish only)
– to visit all the points on Industrial Monuments Route in Silesia
– to sail on the lakes in Masuria
– to bike from Silesia (south of Poland) to the seaside



To visit all European countries (I mark the ones I visited after 18 years old and for more than a few hours 🙂 ):

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monako, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
-To eat a burek – done, August 2014. Waiting to be repeated! (Burek is a popular name for dogs in Poland so the name of this dish sounds… interesting ;))
– spend at least a week in this fascinating country

Czech Republic:
– do light-painting in Moravia

-to drink French wine in France (done, July 2015)
-to feel the unique Christmas atmosphere on Marche de Noel – Christmas market
to check if Paris is always a good idea (done, November 2018. Perfect weekend in Paris)
– to see the castles of the Loire Valley
-to ski in the Three Valleys

-finally drink German beer in Germany! (done, December 2016)
-to see the Brandenburg Gate (done, December 2016)
– to feel enchanted by castles of Bavaria
– see white cliffs on Rugen island (done, May 2019)
– to explore German bike trails
– go to Europa Park! (done, June 2017)

-To close my eyes and move 1500 years back in time on Acropolis
-to think about the meaning of life in Meteora

-to see an exploding geyser (done, February 2019)
-to visit an ice cave (done, February 2019)
– to see nothern lights (done, February 2019 – even though the lights were very tiny 😉 )
– to go back to Iceland in summer and see puffins
– camp in the wild interior

-to have a ride with a gondola in Venice (done, June 2014)
– to visit the southern part of the country and check what’s the difference between Italians from the south and from the north.
– to do a trekking in Dolomites
– to roam around picturesque hills of Tuscany

-to look for Polish signs in Vilnius

-To see the most southern fiord in Europe (done, August 2014)
– to hike there and verify if the mountains in Montenegro are black 🙂

-to make sure that a “fjord” is not a name for a little fancy animal
-to hunt the northern lights

-to drink porto in Portugal (done, September 2015)
– to get lost in the narrow streets of Porto

-to look for Dracula in Fagaras Mountains

-to see the Red Square (done, April 2014)
-to come back to my beloved Saint Petersburg (done, August 2017 How to organize a trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia? )
– to see my beloved Saint Petersburg in winter
– to know what a real Russian village feels like
to walk on the shore of clean Lake Baikal (done, July 2019. Best Baikal Attractions)

-to climb the peaks of Julian Alps

-to sing “Andalouse” in Andalusia
-to feel like a queen on El Caminito del Rey
– climb Pico del Teide (Tenerife)

to look for Polish signs in Lviv (done, April 2017. How to experience Lviv at its finest?)
– visit Kyiv (done, May 2019)

– to spend a few days in wild Ukrainian mountains




-to feel thousands years of history near the Great Pyramid of Giza
– to check if Obelix really broke the sphinx’s nose
-to feel as strong as Atlas in Atlas mountains
-to chase wild animals in Ngorongoro Crater
-to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
-to listen to the hum of Victoria Falls

-to see the Great Wall
-to hike the rainbow mountains of Danxia
-to get to Ushguli, which is considered to be the highest village in Europe, even though the whole Georgia is formally in Asia!
-to talk to a real geisha
-to smell the cherry blossom
-to watch the sun rise over pagodas in Mandalay
– to feel the gold fever near the Shwedagon Pagoda
-to let the eight-thousanders amaze me
– respectfully bow to Annapurna in Annapurna Base Camp
– not to go crazy in Bangkok 🙂 (done, January-March 2018)
– climb the beautiful peaks of nothern Thailand (done, January-March 2018)

-to see a wild kangaroo, parrot, koala, platypus…!!
– to feel the magic of Uluru
– not to panic because of big, hairy spiders
New Zealand
-to look for Rivendell and find Legolas <3
– to spend a night in Mueller Hut


-to see the Grand Canyon (done, September 2016)
-to check if Antelope Canyon really exists (done, September 2016. It does exist!!)
-to play blackjack in a casino in Las Vegas (done, September 2016. Bye bye, my 25$… 😉
-to fight my fear of height on Angels Landing (done, September 2016)
-to drink wine in Napa Valley (done, October 2016)

-to look for Yogi bear in Yellowstone National Park
-to get a tan on Miami Beach
– to see Niagara Falls
– to see northern lights in Alaska
– to do the Rim-to-Rim hike in the Grand Canyon
-to listen to Quebecois French


-to take a silly picture of myself on Salar de Uyuni
-to visit my friend in Santiago
– to see the sky full of stars from Atacama desert
– to see Torres del Paine in the light of rising sun
-to lie near a sea lion (Galapagos islands)
-feel the magic of Machu Picchu
-to hike the rainbow mountains