Inspiring people #1: A 90-year-old with the biggest proverbial balls you have ever seen.

While browsing the Internet recently I’ve stumbled upon an article about Norma. Norma is an elderly woman, who in my opinion has bigger proverbial balls than most people I know. What does a person usually do, when just after losing a spouse after 67 years together, she gets to know that she has a terminal cancer? When she is aware that even if she survives the initial surgery, what is waiting for her next is a long radio and chemotherapy, full of side effects with uncertain effectiveness?

Probably she breaks down, loses the sense and will of life, gives up. Tells everybody that “it is the end”. Decides on the treatment or refuses it, but accepts that life is close to an end and there’s nothing pleasant left in it.

What did Norma do?

She said “I’m hitting the road”.

She refused the treatment.

Together with her son, her daughter-in-law and their dog she got on an RV.

And hit the road. Started travelling around America.

And you know what? I’m looking at the pictures of this smiling person. I’m trying to imagine what would she look like if she chose the traditional way and accepted the treatment. What would she look like without her hair. Grimacing in pain. In a hospital bed, requiring constant care, without strength, without energy, without hope to get better. And then I look again. Take a look on the picture below too, watch her for a while.


Look at that half-smile. Can you also see delight in it? A shy one, with a bit of disbelief that this is really happening. Look at her eyes now. At this emotional kaleidoscope, in which again it’s visible that she is delighted, but also touched, grateful, amazed. Happy.

Norma. Chapeau bas. Deciding to start the travel of your life in your age and your health state required unbelievable courage. You do have the proverbial balls. Watermelon-sized. And made of steel.

And I’m thinking, that it may be necessary to have such balls to find courage and be happy in life.

And you – do you have them?


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