Your Perfect Itinerary For Two Days In Lisbon, Portugal

Castle Sao Jorge in Lisbon on a hill

So you decided to spend 2 days in Lisbon. Great choice! Lisbon is full of world-famous attractions which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.

In this article you will find a Lisbon itinerary, 2 days full. And ideas for more, if you end up having more time 🙂

2 days in Lisbon – itinerary

Day 1

Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta in Lisbon

It is the main street in Lisbon. Closed for cars but crossed by thousands of tourists every day. At the end of the street, you will see a triumphal arch – Arco da Rua Augusta.

Along the street, you will see a lot of bars and restaurants. Careful for prices though – you may be unpleasantly surprised seeing your bill 😉 As in many most touristic places, prices are higher here than just a few blocks away.

If you want to see Rua Augusta empty, come here early in the morning, when other tourists are asleep or eating breakfast 🙂

Comercio Square (Praça do Comercio)

Walking from Rua Augusta through Triumphal Arch, you will end up on Comercio Square. This place should be one of your must-sees during your two days in Lisbon. The square is located at the bank of Tagus river and it’s the most representative in Lisbon. In the middle of the square, you can see a monument of Dom Jose I – king of Portugal.

Opposite to the triumphal arch, you will find stairs going directly to the river. If you feel like looking at the heart of Baixa district from above, you can climb up the Triumphal Arch. Get your tickets in advance here:

Sé Catedral

The oldest cathedral in Lisbon in roman style. Just like many other Lisbon landmarks, it got destroyed during earthquake in 1755. It got re-constructed and its current look got finalized in the last century. It should totally make it to your Lisbon in 2 days itinerary. You can visit it inside for free.

Viewpoints Miradouro de Santa Luzia and das Portas do Sol

Two days in Lisbon, Portugal wouldn’t be complete without visiting a few breathtaking viewpoints. From Se Cathedral stroll up towards Sao Jorge Castle. On your way, you will be able to stop on amazing viewpoints – Miradouro de Santa Luzia and Miradouro das Portas do Sol. Admire the view and catch your breath before climbing even more 🙂

Sao Jorge Castle

Castle Sao Jorge in Lisbon on a hill

Wondering what to see in Lisbon in 2 days? I bet you will not miss the castle. It is located on a hill and towers over the whole city 🙂 The Moors built it in 12th century. The castle lost its significance after King Manuel had his palace by Tagus river built in 16th century. The earthquake from 1755 damaged the castle significantly and the building deteriorated over time. Only in XXth century it got re-constructed. Now it is one of the most popular Lisbon attractions.

Is it worth entering the castle? Entrance costs 10 EUR (2020) – you can check current prices and opening hours here. You can admire stunning views over Lisbon from there – on the other hand, you can find a lot of free, equally beautiful viewpoints in Lisbon in 2 days. You need to decide for yourself.

Miradouro da Graca

It is one of the free and stunning viewpoints. Wondering what to do in Lisbon in 2 days? Plan this place after visiting the castle. If you decide to skip the castle, you can get here directly from the previous viewpoint – Miradouro das Portas do Sol.

Rossio Square (Dom Pedro IV)

Rossio Square Lisbon

One of Lisbon’s main squares. In the Middle Ages, you could find headquarters of Portuguese inquisition here. And burning stakes. Currently, pay attention to the beautiful building of Teatro da Dona Maria II and the monument of Portuguese king Pedro IV.

Santa Justa lift

Santa Justa lift in Lisbon Portugal

What to do in Lisbon for 2 days? Visit its famous lifts! You can find four of them in the city – they help citizens and tourists move around this hilly city. Santa Justa is the most popular of them. On its top, you can find a viewing platform. The lift is often compared to Eiffel Tower – and for a reason. Gustav Eiffel’s student designed it 🙂

You can check the current price of the lift here.

Sao Roque Church

In 1755, an earthquake demolished a big part of the city. Majority of buildings turned into piles of stones. But Sao Roque Church stood still.

Don’t get discouraged by its uninteresting looks from the outside and don’t miss it while visiting Lisbon in two days. It is beautifully decorated inside.

Pay special attention to John the Baptist’s chapel. It was made in Rome, of many different valuable materials and gemstones such as marble, gold or ivory. Back then, it was the most expensive cathedral in the world. To this day, it remains one of the most valuable pieces of sacred art in Portugal.

Entrance is free, you need to pay only to visit Sao Roque’s museum.

Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara

If from Sao Roque’s Church you continue walking up Sao Pedro de Alcantara street, you will end up on the viewpoint with the same name. You can admire a great view over the centre, Sao Jorge Castle and many attractions worth seeing during 2 days in Lisbon 🙂

Miradouro de Santa Catarina (Adamastor)

Get lost in the streets of Bairro Alto district on your way from Sao Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint. End your walk on Santa Catarina viewpoint, also known as Adamastor. Adamastor is a giant, symbol of the forces of nature that Portuguese sailors and explorers had to face. Legend has it that Adamastor showed to Vasco da Gama as a huge storm cloud protecting the Cape of Good Hope.

You can see the monument of Adamastor on the viewpoint. It is also a great spot for sunset.

Elevador da Bica

You’ve probably seen it on numerous pictures 🙂 A cable car climbing up Rua da Bida de Duarte Belo. It is considered a Portuguese national monument. A ride costs 3,80 EUR in 2020.

Day 2

If you want to visit Lisbon in two days, start your second day from famous Belem district. You need to take tram number 15 to get there. Remember that in high season, you may not be able to get on the first tram… I advise you to go there early in the morning.

Jeronimos Monastery

Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon with blue sky

Visiting Lisbon, Portugal in 2 days, make sure to include Jeronimos Monastery in your itinerary! It is one of Portugal’s wonders. It is built in 16th century in Manueline style, very characteristic for Portugal. King of Portugal asked to have it built to thank for the success of Vasco da Gama’s expedition to India.

You can visit the monastery’s cloisters (for a fee) and the church of Santa Maria (for free). In the church, you will see Vasco da Gama’s tomb.

To avoid queues, get your ticket to the cloisters in advance online:

Next to the monastery, you can also visit a bakery producing traditional tarts, Pasteis de Belem. Only here you can get them under this protected name and made according to the original recipe. You can get these cookies in every other bakery – but they will be called pastel de nata. I think the most original ones are worth queuing for 🙂

Monument of the Discoveries

Discoveries monument in Lisbon, Portugal

An impressive monument in a shape of a caravel. Built on the 500th anniversary of Herny the Navigator’s death to commemorate great Portuguese geographical discoveries. You can see 33 figures there – Henry the Navigator included, as well as Vasco da Gama or Ferdinand Magellan. Don’t miss it spending 2 days in Lisbon 🙂

Tower of Belem

Torre de Belem Lisbon

Another famous building in Manueline style – and one of the most important landmark of Lisbon. Originally, the tower was protecting the Tagus river’s estuary. It was also helping the sailors coming back to Lisbon. Over the years it was used in many different ways – including being a prison during Spanish occupancy.

At first, the tower stood in the middle of the river. However, after an earthquake, the river changed a bit and currently, you can see the tower close to the right bank of the Tagus.

You can visit the tower from the inside. Remember however that in high season there are crowds queuing to see it. Try coming here early in the morning.

Other attractions for Lisbon in 2 days

Belem district should take you half a day. For the remaining part you have countless options. Let me show you my top choices below 🙂

Lisbon Oceanarium

Sunfish in Lisbon oceanarium

If you are interested in sea and ocean wildlife, Lisbon Oceanarium is the place for youif you visit Lisbon in 2 days. It’s the biggest indoor aquarium in Europe where you can walk around a huge container full of interesting species. The aquarium is divided in four zones, representing different climates and zones in the world. They are separated by glass only, so you have an impression of walking around just one, huge aquarium.

It is one of a few aquariums in the world where you can see a sunfish – terribly ugly in my opinion 😉 but impressive fish, that weighs up to 1,5 tons!

You can also see other animals from different parts of the world, like penguins or otters.

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Second longest bridge in Europe (after Crimea bridge). Its total length is 17 kilometres! It was built to get the main traffic off 25th April bridge and out of Lisbon’s city centre.

You can get close to the bridge by metro (station Oriente). Remember though that the bridge is closed for pedestrians. You can go through it by bus or train only.

Botanical Garden in Lisbon

If you need a moment of peace after visiting the busy and crowded city centre – go to the Botanical Garden (Jardim Botanico de Lisboa). You will see many interesting plants from all over the world – and you will be able to rest from the city’s hustle and bustle.

I’ve heard that the garden is a bit neglected and it not well-kept. It does give it a touch of interesting wildness, though 🙂

National Tile Museum (Museu Nacional do Azulejo)

azulejos tiles

If you spend two days in Lisbon, you will for sure see many azulejos around. They are ceramic, colourful tiles which create stunning compositions on Portuguese buildings.

In the museum you will learn about the history of the tiles, how and from what materials they have been made. You will see valuable collections of azulejos. Additionally, the museum is located in an old monastery. Its insides used to belong to the most beautiful in Lisbon 🙂

Trip to Sintra and Cabo da Roca

If you end up having more than 2 days in Lisbon, go to see the beautiful, fairy-tale palace in Sintra. After that, visit Cabo da Roca – westernmost tip of continental Europe.

Where to stay in Lisbon?

Lisbon is quite an expensive city from accommodation perspective. But staying there doesn’t have to break your budget. Let me present you some gems I managed to find 🙂

Hub New Lisbon – budget but comfortable hostel for people looking for savings. It offers both, single beds in collective rooms as well as private rooms with common bathroom. Breakfast is included. Guests can also enjoy the “play zone” – with  ball pit for adults 🙂 Check it out by clicking the button below:

Rooms4All – slightly more comfortable rooms with common bathroom. Perfect location – tram 28 stops right around the corner 🙂

Studio in the heart of Alfama – if you’re looking for a small apartment for two in the very center – this could be the place. You have a lot of privacy here, all the necessities – and the best location in the city 🙂

Casas de Sao Bento – if you’re looking for more comfort, check Casas de Sao Bento which offer private bathrooms (which is not that common, judging from other accommodations available 😉 ), stylish rooms and – great location.

Eco tips before traveling to Lisbon

Can I drink tap water in Lisbon?

Yes. Tap water in Lisbon and all Portugal is safe to drink. It may taste differently than you are used to but don’t worry – it will be perfectly fine. You may find more details here.

Avoid high season

Lisbon is already affected by overtourism. Too many people visit the most beautiful parts of the city, pushing locals out of there. Avoid the most common, summer months, choose lower season, like February/March or October/November.

Support local businesses

The worst tourist is the one who comes to the city for one day and leaves without spending hardly any money. Support a little shop with local products. Eat in a smaller restaurant out of the main tourist track. Buy a hand-made, local souvenir instead of a plastic one made in China.

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